Monday, May 31, 2010

back to nature

I posted over on the UCB sacred harp blog a video of some of us singing 385b to the native plants and animals in Briones Regional Park. The project is for this whole music intersects with global warming video thing... not our usual venue, but the artist asked us and it was easy and a lot of fun. I love how she framed us very simply under the huge backdrop of trees. The singing was surprisingly good in that wide open space, and we just kept going after the camera stopped rolling. Also, the day we arbitrarily chose happened to be the first day of spring! Very auspicious.

Afterwards Inder and I and Joe (and my mom, who was visiting!) took a short hike in the park.

harvesting miner's lettuce

apparently going over rough terrain in a stroller is very soothing...

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  1. That was such a pretty day! And Miner's Lettuce salad = YUM!