Monday, June 21, 2010


Dammit, we have fleas! AGAIN!!! At least they don't appear to be bionic and unkillable like the ones we cohabitated with in Juneau, but they're still not the kind of roommates you're hoping for when you put up that ad on Craigslist. We're hoping that with enough loads of laundry and various crackpot naturopathic remedies (essential oil, borax, dishes of soapy water) they'll get bored enough to leave our bed and migrate back to our landlord's dogs. In the meantime, R has forbidden me to hang our sheets out to dry anymore, since we're pretty sure that's how they came in. Ugh. No one, I repeat with capslock for emphasis, NO ONE wants to run their dryer in Texas summer. I have crankily agreed, but only because they now seem to be equal-opportunity fleas who are biting me as much as they're biting him. If they were still only plaguing R and not me like they did in Juneau, it would be a different story. I'm just that kind of compassionate helpmeet.

On the up side, getting reinfested gave me an excuse to hunt down those old flea posts, which provided a nice bout of nostalgia for the blog's early glory days. 12 comments! (Okay to be fair most of them are from me, Rebecca, Linda, Matt, Ellen and Jenna, which still pretty accurately describes our commentorship. But still!) I had also forgotten how I used to call R's dozens of painful, blistering flea bites his leprosy. In retrospect that was probably much funnier for me than for him. And our marathon, weeks-long game of Nertz! That's pretty much all we did for the entire 3-day ferry trip up to Alaska. Five years ago. Wow.

Since last we spoke I have been to opposite coasts and am now enjoying a brief period of respite before L&R's wedding in Minnesota next month! Before my conference in DC a couple of weekends ago I stole two days with Carly in Baltimore which was utterly delightful. Then R&I jetted off to Seattle for our annual family visit, including lots of quality time with The Nephs and New Neph (who, as you'll recall, is in fact a girl. Sorry, kid. It was the best nickname we could come up with). More on that to come, but in the meantime R has put up some select photos (R's sexyface in the mandated-for-entry chocolate factory hairnet is a highlight, but feel free to check them all out). (Please also note that I just tripled our blog traffic by writing the word "sexyface.")

Here in Austin things are about the same... it may be June 21st but summer has already been in full swing here for at least a month, with heat indexes in the high 90s and free-flowing margaritas. Saturday night we went out into the country for another one of our patented BBQ and dancehall adventures, this time in celebration of Quincy's 40th, which as usual involved copious amounts of meat and two-stepping. Just another weekend here in Texas.

Happy summer y'all!


  1. Oh, wow. Steve has flea bit leprosy too! But since they only seem to afflict him, and not me, I just pretend that he is just making it all up, and that the red dots all over his legs are really a figment of his imagination.

    But no, seriously, a very wet Spring has prompted our vet to call this "The Year of the Flea" in the Bay Area.

    At least I can be pretty sure that we are not getting fleas from our clotheline (yeah, no way). The two dogs that share our bed seem a much more likely culprit.

  2. How about "the neeph?"


    P.S. Awesome hairnet pictures both. sexyface is definitely choice.

  3. Giant nephs! Baby neph(ina)! Too cute.

  4. With that subtle hint, I have no choice but to comment about the nephs! Oh goodness are they huge and cute. And really, the neeph (thanks, Matt, I like that one!) is adorable.

    K&R, you look pretty good too! We're so excited to see you all sooooon! We're leaving New Haven next Tuesday-- MN or bust!

    Please try not to bring the fleas with you. The boy scout camp is already pretty vulnerable to such things...

  5. Did I mention that Yuji got fleas in China? It's always good when you can be more like Yuji.

  6. Commenting here to maintain my commentator status. Also, I'm not sure what I thought "capslock" was the first time my eyes slid over it, but I'm pretty sure it was naughty. I also have some thoughts about the picture of R crouched in that tree's--in that tree. The picture of him holding his neeph is painfully cute, though. And now that I have adopted a Mattism I have to seriously consider that my judgment has been compromised and this entire comment is probably highly inappropriate. Now, where is that "publish" button?



  7. Ahahaha, it's true, the questionability of unequivocally adopting Matt-isms is vastly outweighed by the amazingness of the word "neeph." You win this round, Matthew.