Thursday, June 24, 2010

and they called it summer

I finally emerged from my vacation lethargy and did some semi-productive wholesome things. Two farmers markets - whoa is summer here. Berries are peaking and I had a delectable Carine nectarine from Blossom Bluff. Singing has been awesome the last couple weeks, partly thanks to some recent transplants we've stolen away from western mass. Also planted dill in the pickle patch, read a local history book, thrifted, cleaned my room and car and bathroom.

Oh, and finally FINALLY got my bike back in order. Fixing my flat was supposed to be easier this time around! I'll spare you the drama of false fixes and wrong tubes. I finally sorted out that original tube was the wrong size to begin with and that's probably why I was getting so many flats. Well, at least I've had plenty of opportunity to improve my repair efficiency. Not to mention the hours of entertainment I provided for Joe, my young apprentice.

Now my dad is in town with A in tow, I picked them up at the airport and we headed straight for pho to ward off the June gloom. We were revived enough for a walk around Lake Merritt. Now I've convinced them to check out the Oakland Museum and then we'll meet up for dinner at Encuentro. Next to hit town tonight in Inder's mom, newly a granny for the second time! I predict that I will continue to eat well over the next week.

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