Friday, June 18, 2010

Keep up the good work

I'm unemployed! Just til July, hopefully. Until then I'll be catching up on the blog and being slothful. And entertaining my dad when he comes to visit!

I know I'm supposed to be celebrating that school's out, but really my job is so easy and I miss my kids already! I always get too attached! My newcomers who started with zero english and ended up writing 5 paragraph essays! My wednesday after-school group for whom I got to plan fun extra projects like pretending to be paleontologists! My misunderstood dreamer boy! Sniff! OK, indulge me in some highlights of cuteness from the end of the year. I'll try to be brief.

At one of my wrap-up parties I asked for favorite memories of second grade, and the kids launched into talking about their feelings!
1: Well, when I started this year I was nervous because I wasn't sure I would pass second grade. But now I feel strong! (with accompanying muscleman posing)
2: At first I felt shy. But now I know all my friends in my class! (Please note that this boy also informed me very earnestly that the kindergarten class's interpretive dance was so pretty that it made him cry! Oh, sensitive boys! It hurts.)
3: Oh, I was really excited to meet new people! I learned a lot! (Dude. She had just moved to the US! She's fearless!)

I went back in to clean out my room today and also picked up some pictures and thank you notes.

See me being all teacher-like. This was from the Dr. Seuss day when I got strongarmed into reading to classes.

Thank yous from kids are endlessly entertaining - the ones with uniquely adorable grammar and spelling ("You are the beast!") and the ones who fixate on the weirdest things. ("I like you giving me foods when it is lunch, and your foods are very good." Obviously, there are worse things to be remembered for.) In this batch of notes my favorite are those that praise me like I'm the one being marked. For example:

And particularly the one from a student I spent lots of quality time with, one of those boys who literally can't contain his zest for life long enough to be bothered to sit down and do any work. He scrawled simply in pencil: "Keep up the good work!"


  1. i love everything about this post. everything.

  2. Me too! So fantastic. What could be better than to be appreciated for being a teacher *and* for feeding people? Also, I would be so pleased to get a note saying "You are the beast!" that I might get a little weepy.


  3. *squishes cute children and jenna and matt*