Tuesday, June 08, 2010

May/June roundup

Hot damn, I can't even remember the last time Rebecca's posts booted me off the main page of the blog. I am properly chastened.

I am fried with travel-weariness and totally unable to come up with anything even remotely witty to share with you all. Sorry. I'm just back from a weekend conference in DC preceded by two lovely days with Carly in Baltimore, where I sang Sacred Harp in a pretty church and went to an ass-kickin Hazel Dickens show and just generally had a delightful mini-vacation. Even more vacation forthcoming: Seattle this month, Lauren & Ruth's wedding next month, and Ecuador in August! Oh my!

In retroactive vacation news, here are a few shots from our brief sojourn in El Paso/Las Cruces last month. I eagerly anticipate someday regaining the capacity to write about my life in a non-boring fashion.

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  1. OMG El Paso and Las Cruces!!! I have stood on the exact spot and looked through that same viewfinder on Rim Road in El Paso, Katie - and if you looked down and a little to your right you could see my high school...Ah the memories. And you survived your stay without getting kidnapped / beheaded/ hijacked/ or robbed by drug gangs? Even better.