Monday, June 21, 2010

Stay out of my pickle patch!

My mom has turned into an avid gardener, with raised beds in her friend's backyard and containers on her balcony. When she was in town a couple weeks ago she graciously agreed to help me out in my own garden. (For a share of the harvest of course.) She turned the soil, helped me transplant the Parisian Gherkins and the Lemon cukes, and even organized our tools! Come back and garden with us soon!

Go girl!

Planting lemon cukes where our old meyer lemon tree used to be, may it rest in peace.

The high security fence. It's just screaming out for a hand lettered Pickle Patch sign.

One reason for the high security fence...

The other reason for the high security fence!

Next up: planting dill and adventures in trellising


  1. Farmer Joe! He makes up for his lack of fine motor skills in the farming department with his ENTHUSIASM.

    (In that photo, I think I am holding up my hand, trying to protect my face from the swinging rake. Classic.)

  2. Toddler farmer = fantastic! Brings home that we'll have a toddler again in a year or thereabouts.


  3. Seldom have I received so much praise for so little work. In fact it was fun, and I'll gladly come for a return engagement. Soon! Farmer Joe's photo is cuter than mine. I'm happy to share blogspace with such an adorable fellow.