Sunday, July 04, 2010

fourth of

Hit up the JLS farmers market and put a flat of berries on the back of the bike for the first time, easy peasy! My big fourth of july plans involve two kinds of jam and repressing the fact that I'll be back in the classroom in Tuesday.

Inder borrowed some of my pie paraphernalia and came up with gorgeous stars and stripes on her peach pie!

Festive headgear!

Joe reaching dramatically for the overhead lights, looking like he's about to burst into inspiring oratory never ceases to be entertaining.

Steve came home with a flag, and now we're set not just for the fourth, but flag fun year round.


  1. WICKED good! I love Joe's oration, and man does that pie look yummy, and how handy to have the reminder of all your flag holidays. The berries look great, too, but I still haven't gotten used to those yellow raspberries. They look kinda freaky to me. As if there were green blueberries or something. But I'm sure they're delicious.


  2. Very thorough commenting Matt! For the record, the pie was sinful, and the yellow raspberries kind of freak me out too. (They look like they were grown in a cave with albino bats or something.)

  3. Yes: (1) Yum; (2) yum and thank you; (3) & (4) cute kid!; (5) yay?