Thursday, July 01, 2010

In which I am ridiculous. And count things.

You thought you knew what Rebecca was reading, but the truth might shock you! Stay with us for this breaking story, coming up next.

The 3rd Annual Canada Day Midterm Book Report is brought to you by this tower of olallieberry jam.

Welcome to the 3rd annual Canada Day Midterm Book Report! According to the most advanced listing indicators* Rebecca's reading is in a slump! 2009 saw an increase in books read over 2008 for the period from January 1 - June 30th (from 30 to 34). This trend held throughout the year, with 2009 trouncing 2008 66 to 54. Expectations for 2010 were sky high, and Rebecca started out strong with nothing but 4 and 5 star reads in January, including the sleeper hit Shades of Grey. But at the halfway mark the dreary statistics tell a different story. Rebecca has tallied up a mere 26 books!

Has the reading bubble burst? What went wrong?

Last year showed an upward trend in audiobooks, but Rebecca's investment in more CDs did not foresee the death of her car stereo earlier this year. 2010 consumption of audiobooks has stalled at 3.5 and even if the technical difficulties reverse themselves this is a serious setback. Rebecca added, "And now my commutes are hella boring!"

The real culprit is that red line. The nosedive in young adult books suggests that Rebecca has abandoned her core genre, slashed to a mere 23% of last year's level! "Don't worry," she says. "I'll never tire of reading books below my reading level. "

Rebecca paints a rosier picture than pure numbers might have you believe. "I'm proud of my reading this year. I've read less books just because they were sitting around at the store, and read more from the library. Last year I only read a couple of books hot off the presses, and this year I've already read 7! I finally tackled the last Harry Potter AND read something non-Potter in Spanish."

Furthermore, some experts have raised concerns over the validity of the booklist measure. Unfinished books, reference books, periodicals, and online reading are not valued under the current system. But Rebecca likes counting books. "Um, I read a lot of fanfic online that you don't see here. Which is awesome. But finishing a book comes with a kind of gold star and gets me to tear myself away from the dread machine. And I like counting things."

*goodreads and the old fashioned booklist

The tower of olallieberry jam hopes you have enjoyed this special report. Order your summer jamshares now!


  1. I do feel that your statistics could be more nuanced. Have you compared the number of pages read side by side? Have you factored in the age-level of your reading? Age level could be incorporated as a multiplier - for example, X 16 for Harry Potter, X 35 for Chabon, X 250 for George Elliot or Descartes, etc.

  2. Bags and bags of awesome. This post totally counts as a birthday present for me this year, even if unintentional.