Sunday, July 04, 2010

Thar she blooms!

My cukes are starting to bloom! Hopefully there is some actual pollination going on. The Parisian gherkins have been go-getters from the start and the Ace aren't too far behind. The lemon cuke plants are still comparatively runty but looking good.

Hello? Anyone in there? Just planted the dill last week but I'm not sure it's taken...

Next picklewatch update will be my very makeshift trellising, so you can all have a good laugh.

Outside the pickle patch things are popping up all over!

The tomatoes are taking over the front steps.

Even the tiny fig tree is putting out fruit.

Neighborly grapes. Purdy, not so tasty. But the leaves will keep my pickles nice and crispy!

These overhanging plums aren't anything special either, but why oh why didn't I pick them before they took over my bike lane??

Speaking of my bike, check out the new addition! Thanks to my own mad mechanical skills, the wonderful people inside the internet who actually understand how things go together, Steve's extra wrenches, and the old-fashioned full service Ace hardware on MLK, I now sport a Pletscher rack.

Next is to load it up with some Wald folding baskets and really be able to haul groceries. And get back to my bike commuting! That's right, I'm a working girl again... I'll be stepping into my previous life of teaching English to international students, starting Tuesday. Actually, get this. I was paid through the end of June and then offered my summer job on July 1st! My blogging life of leisure may have fooled even me, but I WAS TECHNICALLY NEVER UNEMPLOYED!

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