Saturday, August 28, 2010

bike + bounty

My new wald folding basket is dangerous. Suddenly my eyes aren't bigger than my storage capacity at the farmers market!

Folds out of the way nice and tidy-like when not in use. But it adds some weight to the already hefty all-steel Raleigh! I'm starting to understand why people have more than one bike...

All that food looked decidedly unsexy swathed in plastic, so I thought you should get to see the bounty. Clearly I can't ever move. You're going to have to pry my California produce from my cold dead fingers...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five from right now

So one of these days I'll get around to cranking out some boring travelogues about our summer adventures. But in the meantime, I feel I should pay tribute to that time-honored OTHER purpose of blogs, which is to share lots of unrelated navelgazey drivel. In no particular order, some things that have entertained me of late...

1) From time to time I indulge my posthumous Phil Ochs crush by finding clips of him on YouTube, and I have to pretend I'm looking him up for reasons other than the fact that he's pretty, because then I'd have to acknowledge the nose job he got when he was young which made him way cuter, and then I'd be a horrible shallow person.

2) I'm testing for my brown belt in karate tonight!

3) Dan is coming to visit on Friday, just in time for the heat index to be at 110 every single day for the foreseeable future. Speaking of which, do we still live in Austin? Haven't we moved somewhere with better weather yet?????

4) A while back, in a vague moment of trying to be a better bi and feeling surrounded by straight people, I subscribed to a local bi listserv, which has proven (perhaps unshockingly?) to be a way lame combination of personal ads and people complaining that no one understands them. But I can't quite bring myself to unsubscribe because the truth of the matter is that the only other email I receive at that particular email address is from the Fasola list (national announcement list of Sacred Harp singings, for my non-singer readers playing along at home...), and nothing provides me with greater amusement than finding questions about manscaping and coming out to your spouse interspersed with announcements about upcoming hymn-sings in rural Alabama. It really never gets old.

5) Reason #463 why I am married to a 9-year-old girl: He spent last week researching the care and feeding of bunny rabbits in order to convince me that we should get one. Also, I'm pretty sure that all he wants for Christmas is a pony.

Okay I'm done. Just out of curiosity I wandered the dusty archives of the blog to find out what I was doing in August 5 years ago. Apparently I was busy trying and failing to identify constellations, crying when being made to hike uphill, and watching R eat salami. In conclusion, pretty much nothing's changed since 2005. It's a comforting feeling.

We were surrounded by uninhabited mountains as far as the eye could see, which gave us that nice dark planetarium feel. Between the two of us, we've taken five (5) introductory Astronomy classes, and the only damn constellation we could identify was the Big Dipper (although maybe we've just been looking at the Alaska flag too much). The weekend involved another partial climb up another mountain (if you're assuming that THIS one didn't end up with me in tears, boy were you wrong!), more marmot-sightings, and Richard's consumption of nearly a whole stick of fancy salami in a 48-hour period (he proclaimed himself the only man to go into the bush and return fatter than when he left).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mas Ecuador, por favor!

Richard edited and uploaded a small sampling of Ecuador photos... you can mosey on over to his Flickr page to see such gems as the secret holy water dispenser we stumbled upon in the back room of a famous church, the roast guinea pig that Richard & Paul shared, the view over Chugchilán from our fancypants eco-lodge, and so much more...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Provided, targeted, taught...

I've got the computer all fired up for blogging because I've just updated my resume and switched all my Lincoln action verbs to the past tense! Sniffle! That's right, if you haven't heard the news, my beloved job has finally fallen victim to the budget crisis. If you recall my short and checkered history with OUSD, you know that I saw this coming before I was ever hired. Basically they have no money and I have no seniority, so that's that. I'm not exactly drowning my sorrows, but the timing could have been better. As in, I would have liked to have some closure with my kids instead of promising I'd be back next year! As in, I can imagine better ways to end my fabulous Minnesota getaway than to come home to a layoff letter! After I'd spent all weekend talking up Oakland and answering the question "What do you do?" Anyway. The point is I've got my verbs all straightened out and after years of constant vigilance job applicating I can do it in my sleep. I'm looking at several potential positions, they're pretty comparably low-maintenance and rewarding and low-paying and bike-commutable, which appear to be my criteria for getting excited enough to write a coherent cover letter. Wish me luck.

Not that I need luck, because I may have included the following reference in my application for a job with a literacy program. I think they HAVE to hire me now, don't you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from Ecuador!

We got back from Ecuador tonight, only to discover that Alexa - who'd been staying at our house for a few days while in between apartments - had left us an extra-special Cardboard Richard welcome-home message.

It's almost terrifying how well that robe fits him, no?

More soon when it's not 12:30am and my sleeping mechanisms aren't all confused from airplanes...

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, I promise not to foist excessive boring travel photos upon you (or, more likely, I promise to understand that when I do, no one but my parents and Rebecca will care) - but how could I go to bed without just a few teasers? They are, in the following order: the (fake) equator (we also visited the actual, honest-to-GPS equator but it doesn't have a giant wacky monument like the erroneous equator down the street does), Trini & Ray's beautiful wedding, Richard and his capuccino in Quito, and the first and last time I will ever let Richard convince me to go horseback riding. The only silver lining to that day was that now I can claim some real-world basis for my irrational hatred of horses.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cucumber, anyone?

I've been neglecting the picklewatch, but it hasn't stopped them from growing! Joe's not sure what to make of the harvest...