Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from Ecuador!

We got back from Ecuador tonight, only to discover that Alexa - who'd been staying at our house for a few days while in between apartments - had left us an extra-special Cardboard Richard welcome-home message.

It's almost terrifying how well that robe fits him, no?

More soon when it's not 12:30am and my sleeping mechanisms aren't all confused from airplanes...

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, I promise not to foist excessive boring travel photos upon you (or, more likely, I promise to understand that when I do, no one but my parents and Rebecca will care) - but how could I go to bed without just a few teasers? They are, in the following order: the (fake) equator (we also visited the actual, honest-to-GPS equator but it doesn't have a giant wacky monument like the erroneous equator down the street does), Trini & Ray's beautiful wedding, Richard and his capuccino in Quito, and the first and last time I will ever let Richard convince me to go horseback riding. The only silver lining to that day was that now I can claim some real-world basis for my irrational hatred of horses.


  1. Ecuadoooooooooor! Que liiiiiindo! Obviously, you must tell me all. First of all - best mitad del mundo pose ever! You found real coffee! And I traumatized you! My work here is done...

  2. Cardboard Rich looks like he's quite the player. I wish I could be as cool as Cardboard Rich!

  3. Who was staying in Alexa's house while she was staying in yours?