Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Provided, targeted, taught...

I've got the computer all fired up for blogging because I've just updated my resume and switched all my Lincoln action verbs to the past tense! Sniffle! That's right, if you haven't heard the news, my beloved job has finally fallen victim to the budget crisis. If you recall my short and checkered history with OUSD, you know that I saw this coming before I was ever hired. Basically they have no money and I have no seniority, so that's that. I'm not exactly drowning my sorrows, but the timing could have been better. As in, I would have liked to have some closure with my kids instead of promising I'd be back next year! As in, I can imagine better ways to end my fabulous Minnesota getaway than to come home to a layoff letter! After I'd spent all weekend talking up Oakland and answering the question "What do you do?" Anyway. The point is I've got my verbs all straightened out and after years of constant vigilance job applicating I can do it in my sleep. I'm looking at several potential positions, they're pretty comparably low-maintenance and rewarding and low-paying and bike-commutable, which appear to be my criteria for getting excited enough to write a coherent cover letter. Wish me luck.

Not that I need luck, because I may have included the following reference in my application for a job with a literacy program. I think they HAVE to hire me now, don't you?


  1. Awww, so awesome. This is the kind of thing that keeps people teaching despite how insanely underpaid and otherwise undersupported most teaching gigs in this country are.


  2. I'm so bummed we won't be OUSD compatriots anymore. What a sweet letter, though! And the spelling and appropriate punctuation! I'm swooning rapturously. :-)

  3. Smell you later, OUSD! I always think kids' spelling mistakes are way cute, but I figured those cards wouldn't quite make the same statement about my teaching ability :)