Thursday, September 30, 2010

K&R Relive Rebecca's Year Abroad Part I: Quito

Okay, here goes. I'll try to stay light on the travelogue and heavy on the pictures because if you're anything like me, your bandwidth vastly exceeds your desire to listen to other people's vacation stories. You've already seen all our best Ecuador photos, as touched up and presented by Mr. Smarchetype himself, so I've only included outtakes here, plus a handful of uncredited pictures stolen from Sandy.

The first five-ish days of our trip were spent in Quito due to T&R's wedding and other auxiliary events. The first seven pictures below are sightseeing scenes from the lovely Old Town, including selected adventures from the Basilica (which provides breathtaking views of the city via a dusty catwalk in the rafters and at least 8 vertical miles of glorified ladders. I'm pretty sure my face looked like that for the entire time). We also visited two equator parks while we were there, the one that the actual equator runs through and the one that has the big fancy monument... but turns out the equator doesn't actually run through it. Whoops. Their bad. Below you can see our (accurately) cross-hemispheric high-five as well as Richard trying (ahem, and failing. Please note that I was the only gringo in our tour group who managed it. I'm so good at accomplishing meaningless things) to balance an egg on a nail, one of the many charmingly low-budget activities in which you could partake at the actual equator park. We did lots of other playing around town, and then we went to T&R's beautiful wedding, where we got teary and ate tasty food and danced a lot and then got tired (behold R's SLEEPY EYES(tm), captured for posterity!). Then we played around Quito for another day. Then we flew away. Stay tuned for the exciting next installment: Cuenca and Banos or, How Our Heroes Finally Managed To Go At Least One Place In Ecuador Where Rebecca Hasn't Been Yet.


  1. You're not giving enough credit to sandy and paul, who were also balancing wizards.
    It still haunts me to this day.

  2. Gorgeous pics, but it was Katie sleeping on sleepy-eyed Rich that got the big, "Awwwww...." from me. Soooo cuuuuute.


  3. Hee thanks Linda. I promise we weren't that adorable in real life - mainly cranky :)

    Wait Sandy and Paul balanced their eggs too?????? I thought I was the only one who succeeded!!! Is my entire memory of that day completely flawed??????