Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wedding madness 2010 recap, part 1

So did we ever finish telling you about Lauren & Ruth's wedding? The ceremony was set to take place in the yard of Lauren's family's lake house on Saturday afternoon. When we were getting shuttled across in the pontoon boat from our rustic Boy Scout camp accommodations that afternoon, the weather stopped being hot and sunny and turned dark and stormy. Then it started pouring, forcing all the guests (with the notable exception of one elderly salt-of-the-earth gentleman - I think he was related to Ruth - who spent the entire storm standing in his flannels under the eaves, gazing out over the lake. So good.) onto the big screen porch to intrepidly wait it out. The string duo played on, giving the whole thing (as Richard pointed out) a vaguely Titanic-like feel. Er, in the best way possible...

Then came the hurricane-strength winds and golf-ball-sized hail. For, like, an hour.

During this time the brides graciously came out and entertained us and someone opened up the wine to placate the crankypantses. And we waited it out and finally the sun came out! And everyone dried off the chairs with bath towels and the beautiful windy ceremony got started only an hour late.

And then came the actual hurricane. But I'm out of blogging time. So I'll leave you with a big old-fashioned-serial TO BE CONTINUED... as well as a few photo outtakes. Sorry, they're not resized. Don't click on them or they'll explode your computer.

Yay wedding!


  1. Did you get 00's autograph?

  2. Well, it's been almost a week and I still have no idea what you're talking about.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring us! We love you all so much!
    xoxo, L&R

  4. I think dan meant to say Agent M, who isn't actually a 00 agent since she isn't licensed to kill. It's comical because Ruth's grandmother seems to share a striking resemblance to judi dench in the same way that all women her age do. You know, a joke just isn't as funny if you have to explain it.

  5. A "Part 1" implies a "Part 2," no?


  6. Look at your own stupid pictures. In the first one, there's a guy wearing a uniform with 00 on the back. Only a big time athlete would show up to a wedding wearing his jersey, so I assumed he was someone whose autograph was worthy of getting.