Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's orange, black, and green?

"A Giants fan on BART." I'm not what's been annoying me more this week, that piece of humor courtesy of the creepy BART announcer guy or a school full of kids, those most fairweather of fans, chanting "Let's Go Giants!" every two minutes. /hating on baseball

Speaking of the Giants, I'm off to Texas! I could not be more pleased to be skipping out on a day of work and a weekend of halloween festivities. The only dressing up I'm doing is in my convention dress. Which, I might add, is already safely stowed away in my suitcase! Unless I stay up all night blogging, I might actually sleep before my flight, gasp!

After listening to Steve Goodman all night, I'm clearly obligated to sign off with his baseball classic.

Monday, October 25, 2010

This week in popular culture

Don't worry, I'm so neurotic that I'll never be able to sleep properly at night until I post the third and final installment of Ecuador pictures, much to the relief of all of our readers who stopped caring that we went to Ecuador two months ago, if they ever actually cared at all (they didn't). But I've been bombarded with enough multimedia overstimulants this week that I actually have some marginally interesting things to write about, so I figured I'd better not let them go to waste, or else put off blogging about them until two months have passed and all of our readers have stopped caring about whether or not I actually share them, if they ever actually cared at all (they didn't). Just last week I... convinced to go to the Texas Book Festival, where I got (amenably) dragged to a panel by grammar nerds Ben Yagoda and Roy Peter Clark, which wasn't nearly as awful as I was terrified it would be. Pretentious, but jovially so. And if you go hear a talk by grammar nerds without expecting it to be pretentious... really now. It's your own damn fault. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the Capitol lawn with my festival companions instead of going to any other panels. We all agreed we'd gotten the better end of that bargain.

...went to see indie music's prettiest Episcopalian.

...cashed in on R's free passes to the Austin Film Festival (he's been getting them for the past couple of years in exchange for his graphic design skillz) to see a couple of pre-release movies, including "The Company Men" (if stories about 6-figure businessmen losing their jobs and having to sell their Porsches really tug at your heartstrings, or if you want to see Kevin Costner play a pretty convincing carpenter with a pretty convincing Boston accent, this is totally the film for you) and "Make Believe," a documentary about teen magicians, which R&I loved. LOVED! Oh man. So, so excellent. It's by the team behind "King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters," so you KNOW they know how to do an incredibly geeky story right.

Okay, off I go. T-minus four days till the universe once again converges to bring your two bloggeresses (that word seemed like a good idea in my head, but on screen it's really just too close to "ogress" to feel flattering...) to the same place at the same time! Next stop: Rebecca in Texas!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mental state approaching blog-worthy!

Thanks to...

1) I had some quality bonding with coworkers over a pointless event we scrambled to organize, followed by burritos and beer at a random dive in the mission. (Where, as the only patrons, we sat at the only table in the joint, conveniently located half a foot from the photo booth where some guy was alternating between halfheartedly prodding at the innards in a repair attempt and watching the giants game.)

2) It turns out there's a nutrition program at the school with all kinds of cooking equipment, including hand-crank blenders! All our classes made refreshments for the above pointless event. Getting my kids in the kitchen, we had such a positive experience for once. I even caught some of the boys playing dress up with my grandmothers' aprons after the event. Little boys in pink polka dots! Swoon. I'm all psyched to cook with the kids every week, since the next theme lends itself nicely (world cultures.)

3) I finally transferred all my files to the new computer, which means I'm listening to neil young and tagging photos on picasa. I think you can guess what these are tagged...

Joe meets Octavia Butler.

Joe meets Patrick the Pup.

Joe meets blackberry jam.

Monday, October 18, 2010

K&R Relive Rebecca's Year Abroad Part II: Cuenca & Banos

Quick, must distract Rebecca from her raisin phobia... Look, Rebecca! ECUADOR!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lunchbox of horror

The first sign that the apocalyptic new job had loosened its grip on me? I got my appetite back. Seriously, if you've seen me recently you know that I spent most of september on the inadvertent and ill-advised diet of biking a lot and being too stressed out to eat. ME. The second sign? Instead of being paralyzed with dread (on the way there) or locked in a spiral of mental turmoil and self-recriminations (return trip), I was able to pick up my book during my bart commutes. And in recent days, I seem to occasionally be able to get something productive done in my off hours. I changed a few light bulbs yesterday. Hmm, there really should have been some kind of joke in that... not sure I've recovered enough brain capability for humor. But I also cleaned up my room a bit, and I might even be up to blogging? Gasp?

Anyway, I found a lot of scary things while cleaning. The scariest? Not the dog pee. Not the lack of the check I swear I haven't deposited. No, the scariest was an old lunch. At first glance it didn't look so bad. The potato salad was probably toxic but there was no visible mold. The fresh fruit hadn't even rotted. But. Wait. Those used to be grapes! And now... they're... plump... juicy... RAISINS!!!!!