Friday, October 15, 2010

Lunchbox of horror

The first sign that the apocalyptic new job had loosened its grip on me? I got my appetite back. Seriously, if you've seen me recently you know that I spent most of september on the inadvertent and ill-advised diet of biking a lot and being too stressed out to eat. ME. The second sign? Instead of being paralyzed with dread (on the way there) or locked in a spiral of mental turmoil and self-recriminations (return trip), I was able to pick up my book during my bart commutes. And in recent days, I seem to occasionally be able to get something productive done in my off hours. I changed a few light bulbs yesterday. Hmm, there really should have been some kind of joke in that... not sure I've recovered enough brain capability for humor. But I also cleaned up my room a bit, and I might even be up to blogging? Gasp?

Anyway, I found a lot of scary things while cleaning. The scariest? Not the dog pee. Not the lack of the check I swear I haven't deposited. No, the scariest was an old lunch. At first glance it didn't look so bad. The potato salad was probably toxic but there was no visible mold. The fresh fruit hadn't even rotted. But. Wait. Those used to be grapes! And now... they're... plump... juicy... RAISINS!!!!!



  1. Those do look really plump and juicy! Nice!

  2. Not to minimize your trauma or anything, but you should see what happens when you neglect to clean your convention dishes for ... a while. Then you would laugh with relief at pretty little fresh raisins. :)