Friday, October 22, 2010

Mental state approaching blog-worthy!

Thanks to...

1) I had some quality bonding with coworkers over a pointless event we scrambled to organize, followed by burritos and beer at a random dive in the mission. (Where, as the only patrons, we sat at the only table in the joint, conveniently located half a foot from the photo booth where some guy was alternating between halfheartedly prodding at the innards in a repair attempt and watching the giants game.)

2) It turns out there's a nutrition program at the school with all kinds of cooking equipment, including hand-crank blenders! All our classes made refreshments for the above pointless event. Getting my kids in the kitchen, we had such a positive experience for once. I even caught some of the boys playing dress up with my grandmothers' aprons after the event. Little boys in pink polka dots! Swoon. I'm all psyched to cook with the kids every week, since the next theme lends itself nicely (world cultures.)

3) I finally transferred all my files to the new computer, which means I'm listening to neil young and tagging photos on picasa. I think you can guess what these are tagged...

Joe meets Octavia Butler.

Joe meets Patrick the Pup.

Joe meets blackberry jam.

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