Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's orange, black, and green?

"A Giants fan on BART." I'm not what's been annoying me more this week, that piece of humor courtesy of the creepy BART announcer guy or a school full of kids, those most fairweather of fans, chanting "Let's Go Giants!" every two minutes. /hating on baseball

Speaking of the Giants, I'm off to Texas! I could not be more pleased to be skipping out on a day of work and a weekend of halloween festivities. The only dressing up I'm doing is in my convention dress. Which, I might add, is already safely stowed away in my suitcase! Unless I stay up all night blogging, I might actually sleep before my flight, gasp!

After listening to Steve Goodman all night, I'm clearly obligated to sign off with his baseball classic.

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