Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Full service library

OK, so I got this mysterious package in the mail yesterday. Upon closer inspection, it was from... the Oakland Library?

I opened it to find a work folder I've been missing for the last month. OK, that was nice of them. It had my address in it, but I'm a little confused that they a) they bothered to mail it instead of maybe checking my library info and calling me. And b) it's not just sitting in a lost and found bin full stop. But that's not actually the weirdest part. I give you the full contents of the box:

Yes, the cash-strapped Oakland Public Library, which was just closed on Friday due to budget cuts, spent $5.72 to send me random old books. John Grisham, anyone?


  1. I suspect that awkward librarian had a crush on you.

  2. SERIOUSLY! Hello, Department of Random! I mean, Department of Seriously Cool and Random.

  3. I once ordered fries and at the bottom of the fries there was an onion ring.

  4. Cleaning out the back of the fines drawer, no doubt.