Monday, November 22, 2010

In which Rebecca is awfully wholesome. And Joe likes jars.

Yesterday I actually did every single thing on my to-do list, including getting up at a reasonable time, cleaning several rooms, and hosting a canning workshop! Phew! Normally I would have to follow that amount of productivity and socializing with being disgustingly lazy for at least 24 hours. But today I biked to alameda in between rainstorms, made some jam gift tags, roasted beets, and now I'm looking for thanksgiving activities to do with the kids. (Thanks, sfusd, for scheduling furlough days for incredibly random times instead of say, the friday after veterans day or the rest of thanksgiving week.) Ooh, I totally want to make this! I know I grumble about work, but unlike most programs we have a pretty good supplies budget. I mean, I can actually get reimbursed for making a turkey out of fruit!

So, yes, the cranberries have been sauced. More coverage and recipes on the jam blog.

Don't let this video fool you - Joe's very experienced at putting on the two piece lids on and taking them off. He'd just rather pop the button. (Or, you know, put just the ring on and then stick his little paws directly into the jar. That's also popular.)


  1. I love the fruit turkey! I would use cranberries, not raisins, for the eyes - but You have probably already thought of that. Also, where's the video of Joe? I didn't see a link.

  2. OK, I can see the Joe video now! Thanks.

  3. Yeah, that video really doesn't do justice to Joe's evil genius.

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