Thursday, November 04, 2010

K&R Relive Rebecca's Year Abroad Part III: Quilotoa Loop

The third and final installment! In which our heroes are yuppies and spend four days at a beautiful eco-lodge. (But Rebecca told us to!)

Lupine beans are a big crop in Ecuador, which means pretty lupines everywhere. Raise your hand if you can't ever see lupines without thinking of Miss Rumphius.
This, my friends, was the view from the mirror above the sink where I washed up every morning. I know right?????
This is Richard riding a horse. Her name was Lluvia and he loved her more than life itself. I kept looking over and he would be adorably patting her flank and stroking her mane. It was almost, but not quite, enough to make me forget about how I hate horses with the fiery hatred of a thousand burning suns.
This is me on my horse. In case you are not adept at reading my facial expressions, this is a fake smile of rage and terror. And we hadn't even started riding yet. It was contorted in some variation of this look (though generally with less fake smile and more rage and terror) for the entire four hours we rode.
This is the view when you're sitting on the (composting) toilet. It's a bad exposure, but out the window are miles of rolling mountains and cloud forest. The little garden is full of herbs and flowers and the sink drains straight into it (biodegradable soap, natch). I can only assume there are hundreds of photos with this same view posted across the internet by former travelers who stayed here. It's a pretty excellent way to pee.
Inside the cute 3-floor dorm where we stayed (these are the beds across from ours. Ours looked much the same, only trashed with our belongings from the second we arrived until the moment we left).
R, swing, balcony.
Lake Quilotoa. It's actually even bluer than this, if you can imagine.

Okay, I swear you've heard the last about Ecuador out of me. Onward!


  1. I definitely just had to google lupine beans to figure out what the hell you were talking about. Ooooh, chochos. Wow, people eat them outside of ecuador? Who knew?


  2. Dear KT,

    I embiggened the picture of you riding a horse to get a better look at the fake smile of rage and terror. Very nice. Just wondering though, given your delightfully strange loathing of horses, how are you convinced to go riding on them? Is it one of those "confronting your fears" things that I always find so confusing?

    Just Curious in Western Mass,