Thursday, November 04, 2010

O that I knew the secret place

I may be back from Texas but somehow I feel even more on vacation. Tuesday/Wednesday was a blur of last minute voting decisions and various crushes of people (election day, dia de los muertos, giants victory parade.) Now I'm catsitting for Natalia, whose new place is just a few minutes from work, so I'm staying over here to cut out my commute and do my best impression of city living. Today I got a SF library card (I took advantage of the Mission branch's spanish language collection and checked out more Christie in translation!) and ate pupusas and asian pears at the farmers' market up the street. Let's just ignore the part where I worked in between there, ok?

Backing up to actual vacation. My head is still buzzing with the cooper book. The singing was starting to look reminiscent of western mass - three babies who were born since I was there in January! Not to mention the older kids who did a fine job of leading. Twas lovely to see the usual Austin gang as well as a crowd of visitors from Portland. Much tex mex was eaten. I was showered with presents for 3 nights of hanukkah! Texas mosquitoes are evil. Finally watched some baseball on Sunday night. (On mute, because nothing is worse than listening to baseball announcers fill time. We turned the sound on for God Bless America and promptly wished we hadn't.)

On Monday I finally dragged out my cell phone and remembered to document something for posterity:

On our way to pick Katie up from work, we took a short walk by the creek. Here's Richard and the scenic... power plant.

Hello, guitar sculpture.

Kicking back with a Topo Chico.

Anniversary cookie!! Happy 2 years of being married and confusing texans by not going downhill!

This cookie kept taunting us by looking like an ice cream sandwich but not actually being one on a hot day. Not that it stopped us from devouring it.

After lunch, with a few hours before my flight, we remembered that we don't actually know what to do for fun that doesn't involve the above. After much discussion we ended up playing hearts in Zilker Park. Which, when followed by an impromptu wade in Barton Springs, made for a surprisingly respectable Afternoon Out in Austin.

Can't wait til February when Richard and Katie make their Triumphant Return to California!

Now if you'll excuse me, here are my plans for the rest of the evening:

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