Friday, December 17, 2010

8 from ATX

1. A somewhat ungodly portion of my December free time has been or will be spent drinking large amounts of alcohol with people and/or singing traditional Christmas carols. Season's greetings, y'all!

2. R recently bought himself a tube of Colgate tri-color toothpaste, which means that now every time he brushes his teeth it's preceded by a "So... how many colors does YOUR toothpaste have?" To which I am forced to shamefacedly reply, "One." And then he nods smugly and proceeds to squeeze a little more onto his toothbrush.

3. Another one to file under Okay Fine, Sometimes Texas Is Sort Of Everything Massachusetts Thinks It Is: "Fresh off of his bizarre 'terror babies' tour, [State Rep. Louie] Gohmert has previously said that expanding the Hate Crimes Act would lead to widespread necrophilia, pedophilia and bestiality and that health care reform would force Americans to use contraceptives against their will, just like a non-existent government program to 'put condoms on wild horses.' Gohmert was also very concerned that sexy Miss USA lingerie photos would lead to 'economic chaos,' adding that men dressed similarly in garter belts would be protected under the expanded Hate Crimes Act." Ladies and gentlemen, American democracy at its very, very finest.

4. I need a new bookcase for our bedroom (storing books is my responsibility, since R fails to see the point in buying books... unless you're going to use them for something practical, like propping up the ancient laptop so it can ventilate properly or burning for warmth in the winter) and I've 90% decided to actually buy a new expensive pretty well-crafted piece of wooden furniture to fill the need. This is terrifying because a) I might have to actually go somewhere besides Goodwill to accomplish this, b) I have an inexplicable fear of any furniture that's too heavy for me to pick up under my arm and run out of the house with should the need arise, and c) I have such a glaring lack of financial sense that I'm really only partly convinced that investing $200 in something that will last 50 years is cheaper than spending $40 on something that will fall apart in three years. I wish that was more of a joke than it actually is.

5. Look at Carly's beautiful scarves! Don't you want one?

6. I finally made a decision about my future! Sort of. I think I may be applying to UT's social work grad program for spring 2012. Which means we'd definitely be staying here until 2014, at which point I would be qualified to do exactly the same things I already do, possibly for $5000 more per year. Again, I wish that was more of a joke than it actually is. But I'm excited about it, and it also means that with Rebecca heading to clown college library school, this blog has the potential to turn into the best thing since Back to School. You know you're excited.

7. Okay, these are up for a limited time only (since I try nobly to refrain from posting unclothed pictures of other people's babies on the internet... but sometimes it's hard!!!). One of the presents we brought back from Ecuador was a hat for our favorite tiny Austinite, and J&J sent us a couple of shots of her posing with it. I'm pretty sure our entire vacation was worth it just for these photos:

8. We've finally reached that time of year when our uninsulated house lets in the chill instead of the hot, and my pajamas consist of long underwear, flannel pants and 3-4 thermal shirts. A few more weeks of this and I should be fully recovered from my annual summer heat PTSD! Just in time for spring...

Hope everyone's having a lovely December! And remember, kids, hold off on all that necrophilia and bestiality until the Hate Crimes Act is actually passed. Just a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood blog.


  1. I forgot to comment until now, but it went without saying that there is little i heart more than photoshoots of babies and andean textiles, right? *smooches vivian*

  2. Ruth has been particularly distressed by how cold your home is. While driving in the car this morning, she suggested that you try this (as advertised on NPR).

  3. Oh man. I think I might secretly need those. I would have to change into them after R had fallen asleep and then change back out of them before he woke up, so as not to endure all the serious taunting that such pajamas would require... but so warm!!!!!!!

  4. Sometimes it breaks my heart when you guys actually blog (and even mention me!) enough in a given span of time that I can't finish catching up in one sitting. I don't know whether to blame my sore back on you or on myself.

    Anyway, happy Hate Crime-Filled New Year, my dears!