Wednesday, December 08, 2010

don't forget to eat your hanukkah cheese, ladies...

image/post brought to you by wikipedia (king of the universe, who has sanctified us with its trivia...)

I'm sneaking a little Hanukkah celebration into our world cultures theme at school. Basically we're going to admire my Israeli map beach towel, eat gelt, and make our own dreidels! Of course I had to look up the hebrew letters and what they mean for the millionth time. I love that in Israel they sell them with a different fourth letter, changing the acronym to "A Miracle Happened HERE." And if ever there was a custom this household could get behind... "There is also a tradition of eating cheese products on Hanukkah that is recorded in rabbinic literature. This custom is seen as a commemoration of the involvement of Judith and thus women in the events of Hanukkah..."

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