Monday, December 27, 2010

Read Out 2010!

Mmmm, unemployment. All the time in the world and no money to spend it on. Well, there's always the printed word to curl up with, right? And boy, is the to-read pile getting scary around here. I'm in the middle of two books, but neither are quick finishes - one is in Spanish and the other is a non-fiction tome. I have a stack of requested books from both Oakland and San Francisco libraries - no renewals. AND I have another stack of books I brought home from Chicago, thanks to early Hanukkah presents and giving some love to old bookshelves.

photo by m glasgow

So on Saturday I challenged myself to a read-a-thon. An average of a book a day til the end of the year! That's 7 books to pad my skimpy booklist this year. So far, well, I'm 0/2. I made some progress but didn't finish anything. Time to put on the coke-bottle reading glasses and get serious. I'll keep you posted.

Hey, anyone care to join me in Reading Out 2010??? 5 reading days left...

Meanwhile, I've been pumping myself up with year end booklists and podcasts. I don't think I've read one book published in 2010! (Uh oh, I smell a bonus challenge!) Tell me, dear readers, what was your favorite book of the year?


  1. Favorite book of 2010 - by several magnitudes over any other contenders - was Life, the Keith Richards memoir! All 500+ pages of it, which I zoomed through in about a week. Yes, it is rich with funny stories and drug anecdotes, but it's a surprisingly deep and articulate exploration into his musical genius, family roots in war-ravaged England, and admirable character. He's not the goofball people think. A terrific book for anyone, Stones fan or not.

  2. I'm just hoping to finish ONE of the several books I am currently halfway through before the end of the year!

    And you know I never read anything actually published in the current year. Never! :-)