Thursday, December 30, 2010

Smell you later, 2010!

What have I been doing with the waning days of the year? Watching trucks on youtube with Joe, eating out of the pantry while the farmers' markets are closed, keeping Natalia's cat company, and listening obsessively to this song.

And let's not forget Read Out 2010! I never made up for the slow start but with one day to go I'm 4/6. I know what I'm doing tomorrow... I'll meet you with a final report next year.

As for this year, I am not sorry to see it go. Between my job woes and not getting to travel much, 2010 didn't give me much to write home about.

But I DID accomplish my one resolution!

I also made perfect latkes, took my first trip to Tahoe, chaired my first sacred harp convention, fangirled over the census, attended the most tempestuously awesome wedding ever, inadvertently created a monster, and rode my bike a lot.

Happy ringing out the old and ringing in the new, everyone.

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