Friday, December 03, 2010

Thanksgiving 1/3 - approximately 3428756 calories consumed

I also made a Thanksgiving visit to the ancestral homeland! Unlike Katie, I don't have a demanding public to entertain - there's no extended family there, just the parents, and not a SINGLE friend I keep in touch with these days. But somehow I squeezed in enough excitement that this post has turned into merely the first in a trilogy. Or maybe it's just that my blog prolificacy (?) is directly proportional to my level of procrastination.

Anyway, I may not be itching to move back, but damn I eat well in Chicago. I'm always wined and dined at the best new spots in town - this time it featured vegan, small plates new school Mexican, and brunch at the cheese shop. Thinking on it, ALL had seasonal menus featuring local produce. It's so awesome to see other places besides California rocking sustainable foodie scenes. And in true chicago style, it's noticeably less precious.

OK, my dad totally called me on being one of those people that takes pictures of their restaurant food, but hello, I had to prove the existence of a ROASTED CAULIFLOWER SANDWICH!!! Genius.

Honestly, I would have been perfectly content to stay home and eat out of my dad's pantry - he's the one who gave me the preserving bug, and now seems to have caught it back from me. Just to give a hint, our last meal featured roasted tomato/red pepper soup (one of his DOZENS of frozen pints!), pasta tossed with homemade pesto (also frozen), and salad with the last of the stored summer tomatoes (farmers market, chilled on back porch.) I also admired my mom's extensive container garden and ate some of HER stored tomatoes (garden, picked green and ripened packed in newspaper)!

And I haven't even mentioned Thanksgiving! I had my first tofurkey and my annual pie bliss. The Bridge family wins points for being serious brussel sprout lovers. Next year I'll bring double. Recipe: Roast with oil, salt, and pepper until caramelized. Drizzle generously with maple syrup.

Me + new grandma Sue + Lydia (1 mo)

I love how Nick and Katie are all "Are you REALLY taking a picture of our screaming baby??"

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  1. The Bridges! Also, the matching eyeglasses really tie this post together.