Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adorable AND delicious

Yesterday I was continuing a crossword puzzle that R had started and discovered that in response to the clue "Kind of salad," he had written "KOALA."




In other news, I was offered a graduate assistantship yesterday which is 100% COMPLETELY AWESOME in every way except the one where I have to start working as soon as 2012 arrives, instead of pretending like I'm rich and famous and not doing anything for the first two weeks of January. But paychecks keep me in Ikea furniture, so I shouldn't complain.

This is my last full week of the job I've held for almost 6 years. That's... weird.

Hope Wednesday is treating you all nicely!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

This season in numbers

1... email I have received so far from my upcoming Master's program's Director of Student and Community Affairs which included the acronym "LOL."

5... people who ate Richard's turkey at the Thanksgiving dinner we hosted, of which the attendees (including us) consisted of 4 ominvores and 2 vegetarians.

15... days until I take my job and shove it! (By which I mean leave amicably after giving my boss more than 11 months' notice.)

22... degrees warmer than Central Texas that WMass is right now. (That was a weird sentence.) I am enjoying the sensation of not being able to feel my fingers while it lasts.

193... times (give or take) since December 1st that I have listened to Susan McKeown sing "Auld Lang Syne." I blame Jenna.

I'll conclude this post with... goats. Obviously. These are from our trip to the Austin Rescue Zoo this fall! There were lions and other animals more awesome than goats, but the threat of them eating Richard & Rebecca meant I couldn't get a good shot of them petting one...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving turkeys

Remember that child-size turkey costume that R bought for himself for my birthday?


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Rebecita & KT!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This week in book news, or Things that I liked in spite of themselves.

1) Dear customers. Stop coming into my bookstore - that JUST OPENED and is doing well - and lamenting the death of Borders and preaching that the death of bookstores, books, and western civilization is nigh.

Well, they must have got my memo because a customer MADE MY DAY yesterday.

Me: Sorry, we don't have a copy of that.
Customer: Can you tell me where the nearest Borders is?
Me: (Wonders if she has been living under a rock, or whether she uses Borders as the Coke of bookstores?) Welll, all the Borders have closed, but there's a Barnes and Noble at the Hacienda Crossing.
Customer: What do you mean all the Borders are closed? Since when????????
Me: (Ooook. Rock it is.) Well, it was gradual but they closed the last stores a few months ago. Sorry! I'm surprised you didn't hear about it, it was a pretty big story.
Customer: No, I've been living in Australia for the last year! Oh my god! I can't believe there's no more Borders!! I'm so shocked!

This went on for awhile and we laughed about it. Ha ha ha. Oh man. So good. It shouldn't be so satisfying to break bad news to someone.

2) Hey, I actually did something worthwhile in library school! I might have... learned something? About libraries? We had a group project to pick a problem facing our field in the next few years and compile a resource list to address it. My group actually chose my question, which was: As we anticipate the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, how can libraries best serve returning veterans?
So, that was awesome and I got to read about all the positive things libraries and veteran service groups are doing. Am I the last one to hear about googleforveterans?

3) I don't have any fixation on the 1960s and am somewhat tired of the fuss over that decade. But somehow the last two books I read were both about assassinations in the 1960s. Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable and 11/22/63 by Stephen King. The second bears special mention today, for obvious reasons.

11/22/63 This was my first Stephen King! I know! Just, horror isn't for me. But I was super into this story. You know, stay up too late, almost miss my BART stop into it. Despite the JFK marketing angle, he doesn't play a big role, instead he's more this elusive figure that history happens to turn on. It's more about Lee Harvey Oswald and an exploration of the darkness in us and our relationships. And, you know, time travel! Highly recommended.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Registration is the best part

Remember how I wasn't actually disproportionately excited about registering for classes last semester? Welllllll that was before I suffered through two DECIDEDLY lackluster courses. I've kind of learned SOMETHING, but mostly from the research assignments, because both professors and their curriculum materials are a complete waste of space. I knew what I was getting into, because the program has an extremely robust database of professor reviews. They're the first 2 of 3 required core courses, and when I couldn't get my first choice professors I just chose the ones that were reputed to have an easy course load. Because I was legitimately worried about juggling school with full time work.

Ha! To liven up my ranting, and to express how little I had to worry about, here's a photo of my textbooks. Which I have NOT CRACKED and yet I am running nearly 100% in both my classes. What's that quote again? Hell hath no fury like that of a student who has paid hella $$ for unused textbooks? Yeah.

(Even looking at those textbooks long enough to photograph them was too boring and angry-making. I had to throw my shiny new jam cookbook on top to get through it.)

Welllll, it's going to be a different story from here on out, I can tell you. Now that I have a freaking choice, I plan to categorically avoid any classes whose reviews fall into the following categories.
1) CLOWN COLLEGE! Both my current classes fit into this stereotype. I would call this review of my management class GROSSLY generous in its praise: "If you're looking for a relatively undemanding class with thought-provoking reading and discussion plus easy grading, this would be a good choice." This one is more like it: "Dr. Sawyer is very nice, but I am sorry I took this class. I believe libraries were mentioned maybe twice during the entire semester. This class is an easy A, but it's mind-numbingly dull and in my opinion, has zero relevence."
2) NIGHTMARE! A disturbing number of reviews contain this phrase. Sometimes it's because the professor is completely disorganized (assignments/grading standards are incomprehensible, doesn't know how to work the online portal) and/or absent (traveling, not replying to email, not grading anything before the semester is over). Sometimes this is because they're an amazing, expert professor, but their expectations are insane. "Astronomical workload" "4-5 x more work than my other courses." Scary.

From this day forward, I, Rebecca Edwards, being of sound mind and body, swear that I will ONLY, and I cannot emphasize this enough, ONLY take courses from professors who get rave reviews across the board. ("Favorite teacher," "learned more from this professor than any other," "wish I could take more of his/her courses." Yes.)

Anyway, back to the point of the post, which is that I was REALLY looking forward to this, my registration day. I'm kicking off my Onwards and Upwards Professors of the Year Only pledge with the following classes:
• "Information Retrieval" Last of three prerequisites. It's about... databases? I don't really know. But the professor is reputed to "make a dull subject interesting" etc. I'll let you know...
• A seminar on teaching information literacy. What? Me take something I'm interested in, qualified for, and is a marketable skill? With a professor who is "everything you could want from an online instructor?" That's un-possible.

I also made a fancy spreadsheet to map out the rest of my credits. With two courses each semester and one each summer, I'm on track to graduate with my MLIS in the spring of 2014! This sounds simultaneously a crazy long time from now in a galaxy far away, and super soon.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Guess who's going to clown college, too?!?!

[UPDATE: OMG, once again, after weeks of inactivity, we have once again managed to post within 21 minutes of eachother. And Rebecca scooped me!!]

The following Texans have both been accepted into their respective graduate programs. Effective January 2012, this blog will be all-student, all the time. I can smell the procrastination already...

Clown College ^3!

Guess who just got accepted to UT's social work program?????? (Yes, I'm totally stealing Katie's thunder because I already had this blog post open when she shared her good news on facebook.) On the heels of Richard's acceptance to Texas State! Yay, all of us being in school again gives me such warm fuzzy feelings. It's just like it's the year 2000 again! Except now we do our homework BEFORE we watch Richard Dawson on Family Feud.

Seriously, my recent trip to Austin was basically equal parts singing and studying, with some wine-ing down and rescued animals thrown in for good measure! I basically spent the entire time resisting the worldwide conspiracy that is trying to make me move to Texas. Because.
1) Natalia moved to Dallas that exact weekend! I miss that girl! But it's for her dream job. Sigh.
2) The company I work for is based out of Texas and has eight zillion stores there! Including one about 3 blocks from Katie and Richard's house. (I dragged Richard there to pick out his own extremely belated birthday present.)
3) So many lovely singing friends! And did I mention the wine-ing down?
4) I so want to always do my homework at the coffee shop where Richard is newly installed as barista. With distractions in the forms of free tea and visits from Katie.
5) Guys, I go to online school.
6) The Austin rescue zoo!

This... is the only picture I have from the weekend.

Duck hands!

Monday, October 24, 2011


It's true. Sometimes I do things like go to Rebecca's hometown without her.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

If anyone is wondering how they can win my undying love, see below.

OK, guys, I keep giving Katie shit for repeatedly visiting my hometown without me, but I may have to take it back. Because this just arrived in my inbox, via my mom's phone.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Which makes my dewey so unclean?

Oooh, she's alive! Make sure you scroll down for adorable pictures of Rebecca and food and her mom. In the meantime, in anticipation of Rebecca's forthcoming trip to Austin and the ensuing singing weekend, I've been waxing nostalgic about other singing buddies who I don't get to see nearly as often. So here's a clip for you of all of us in 2009(?) doing what we always do when a Wojcik comes to town: singing "I Am A Stranger Here Below." (Actually it's just the final verse. I spared you all the first 7, and left in Bill's profound theological question at the end. You're welcome.)

L' shanah tovah

Remiss blogger here! It's a good thing I have no social life, because work and school are filling up every second of my day. If you want I can post repeatedly about how much I hate reading about management theory?? Yeah, that's what I thought. Instead, I bring you late new year's greetings!

My Very Special Rosh Hashanah, in two parts:

1. Picking apples in Sue's sunny yard + honey = very sweet new year.

2. Feasting! If you haven't made Aushak lately, you really should. Yummmm.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Seven for September (belatedly)

So I know it's not quite such stuff as this blog was was made on, back in those heady days when we were always driving across the country and refusing to live in the contiguous 48, but here are some things that are keeping me entertained lately. (In the interest of current events I'll let Rebecca, as the Mac user in the family, handle the Steve Jobs eulogy.)

1) After talking a big game for the past year about how I was going to copy Rebecca's life, I finally did it! By which I mean I submitted my school application. Presumably sometime between tomorrow and the day the program starts in January I will find out whether or not I have actually been accepted to UT's non-clinical social work Master's program. If you actually care Mom, this is what non-clinical social work means. In conclusion, if all goes well, in 2.5-3 years I should be a clown. We'll see.

2) Jeremy-my-one-Jewish-friend-in-Austin and I rang in 5772 with a big-screen showing of my favorite Mel Brooks movie. Two words for you: Richard Lewis. SOGOOD. (Postscript: I feel compelled to add that for reasons completely unrelated to the Days of Awe, Jeremy & I may also end up breaking our - well, my - Yom Kippur fast with a home screening of Sister Act. Don't ask. I know I know, the early 90s called, it wants its terrible family-friendly comedies back.)

3) Speaking of so-bad-they're-good movies about singing Christians: Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are in a soon-to-be-released choir movie together. I'm sorry, could you not hear me? DOLLY PARTON AND QUEEN LATIFAH ARE IN A SOON-TO-BE-RELEASED CHOIR MOVIE TOGETHER. Jeremy and I have basically already pre-ordered our tickets.

4) And while we're on the subject of pop culture, I would be remiss if I didn't keep you all updated on the latest buzz about my supermodel obsession Andrej Pejic, which is that he's been invited to Buckingham Palace next Thursday to meet the Queen of England and everyone on the internet is dying to know whether he'll wear a suit or a dress. I promise I'll post pictures. Even though you don't care. Really it's just an excuse for me to look at pictures and blame it on you.

5) Did I mention I went to New York? And Washington DC? I didn't take any pictures which means I can't blog about it which means it probably never happened. It'll just be a secret between me and my new H&M clothes.

6) I seem to have had another cocktail honorarily named after me because it's the only one I ever order and I'm apparently never friends with people who know the names of cocktails, which is just as well because I definitely don't. In college, a "Katie" was vodka & cranberry juice but these days, it's vodka & grapefruit juice. Just so you know. I can't promise anyone at a bar in Austin will bring it to you if you ask for it (also, apparently it's actually called a Greyhound? Lame.) but if you ask me for a Katie I will be honored and totally make you one. Actually, we'll probably be out of juice or vodka or both, because we always are. But I'll take you somewhere you can get one.

7) Finally, this past September was brought to you in memory of Margo K. and Sandra G., and in honor of brand-new baby Sydney. Comings and goings. Lots of love to all of you in our extended blog family... now go hug somebody you care about.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Candles coast to coast

I didn't even mean to travel on my birthday and make everyone celebrate with me, but it was kind of awesome. Here's a quick tour.

Newton, MA. I shared a cake with Becca, my cousin's girlfriend who has my name and also a bday the day before mine. Dinner was preceded by schoolwork and a gorgeous bike ride by the Charles, and followed by a  slideshow of Joey and Becca's epic travels (Israel ---> Nepal and pretty much everywhere in between.) The next day started out with a proper birthday brunch for Becca in a Cambridge park and ended with newlyweds Andrea and James! (And Foster the cat, lasagna, and ceramics Made By Us! It was kind of amazing. I adore having friends who don't hate me for disappearing for two years, where we can pick up right where we left off.)

Oak Park, IL. Post Indian feast with my mom, Dennis (photographer) and the Bridges. We had massive camera/phone failure and could only come up with this awesomely florescent semi-candid. I kind of love it. Not pictured: my dad + more amazing food + Manu Chao. Oh yes. Chicago is good to me.

Oakland, CA. Back home! Where a lovely card was waiting for me from Nancy. Which was immediately appropriated by Joe. As a tunnel for his trains. You know, as one does with birthday cards. (I did try to take it back, but he made sad faces and waxed poetically about the "yellow flowers" on the card. Our household is pretty much in thrall to adorable train fixations and multi-word phrases these days.)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm looking at you, Brown Cow

So, there's lots of birthday madness to post about, but tonight I just have time to share this with you. At lunch today I was innocently finishing off my tub of lemon yogurt when I read on the back the most amazing recipe. I won't include the title or list of ingredients so as not to ruin the narrative flow of terror.

Combine the shrimp, mushrooms, and grapes in a large mixing bowl. [I know, right now you're hoping I'll just stop there. I'm not sure I can think of three ingredients less likely to mingle pleasingly in a large mixing bowl. But it just keeps going.] In another bowl, stir together yogurt [lemon yogurt, you recall], rosemary, and parsley. Gently fold the yogurt mixture into the shrimp combination. Place one lettuce leaf and an avocado half on each serving plate. Fill the avocado halves with the shrimp and yogurt mixture. Top with ground pepper and serve.

A quick google reveals that shrimp stuffed avocado (made with lime and cilantro, and NO YOGURT, LEMON OR OTHERWISE) is a perfectly cromulent Colombian appetizer. This version, however, reminds me of that Sweet Valley Twins book wherein Jessica enters a pineapple-recipe contest to win a trip to Hawaii, but she can't bother to actually cook anything so she makes up a pineapple upside-down cake with, like, tuna and hot sauce or something. Then when she actually wins the trip she feels guilty the whole time.

AND it reminds me of another book I just read about cooking at the turn of the century, a period in which ambitious women who still couldn't get out of the kitchen did terrible things to food in the name of science and modern civilization. Monochromatic meals were the height of fashion and any food item could become a salad by the addition of mayonnaise or, even better, gelatin.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the author of this recipe can only be a repressed Victorian female scientist trapped in the body of a lazy middle school student thanks to the cursed ring the Unicorn club found on the beach in Hawaii, no seriously, that's the plot. And I hope they're losing sleep over it. Now, someone please make this recipe and prove me wrong.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy birthday Rebecca!!!

Today, in honor of the 29th anniversary of the date of birth of the woman without whom this blog would have an entirely different name, I bring you this photo from the archives. Scene: the year is 2003. Rebecca has just turned 21 and is being feted by a bunch of people we either actually liked or felt obliged to invite. I know she looks kind of bored in this particular party shot, but trust me, there's no greater certainty in life than the fact that if Rebecca looks apathetic, she's actually having a really good time on the inside. Also, this picture prominently features both her awesome hair and proof of the occasion, in the form of the birthday-themed whiteboard decorated for us by Lauren and Ruth.

So happy birthday to our favorite Rebecca... may we celebrate a million more birthdays with you over the years!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

grapes of the summer are low on the bough

Happy September! In honor of my most hated time of year in all of Austin, I will proceed to say NOTHING about the weather in this post. Swear to god.

So anyways. While the most obvious consequences of selling our car may still be the watermelon-shaped holes in our life, there have been other significant changes as well - like the fact that now when I get offered something like, oh, say, a ride to Ikea, I say "YES" and am in their car buckling my seatbelt before the offerer has actually even finished phrasing the question. It does make me a much more decisive shopper, though, when I know I have just one shot at bringing home the perfect piece of furniture. Like this one!

The Before shot follows for your home decor voyeurism pleasure (as we all know, the only way I can ever motivate myself to do anything - including but not limited to washing dishes, cutting my hair, and/or assembling Ikea furniture - is with the promise of Before and After photos). R&I continue to make dubious headway toward Actual Grownuphood by finally getting rid of the gross computer desk that our landlord gave to us when we first moved to Texas with only the clothes on our backs. It's done its time in several rooms over the years... pretty much everything we own has been shoved into this desk at one time or another. Most recently it's been loitering in the kitchen pretending to be a pantry, but we knew the dirty truth. So long and good riddance!

And finally, as Rebecca mentioned, we recently held a brief blog reunion in Reno - we were out there for my cousin's wedding, and Rebecca braved a 10-hour round-trip Greyhound ride to spend less than 24 hours with us because we made her. Well, she mostly volunteered, but we would have made her even if she hadn't. It was everything a weekend should be - excessive food, gold rush tourist towns, casinos, a brief cameo at Reno Pride (we totally walked past the park where it was happening! I made everyone sit around and wait for me while I paid my $5 admission and walked through, because I've basically never met anything gay that I could resist. You heard me.), pretty parks, and drunken family time. Awesome. Here are the Texas ambassadors with my dad, all gussied up. I believe this was shortly after the ceremony and shortly before the bride & groom rode in on an Xtracycle...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy cat dreams to you too...

Oh man, online school is awesome. I may have no study skills whatsoever, but at least I actually get MORE work done when I'm bleary and don't want to get out of bed until noon. This morning I finished all the work for my one credit "social networking" class, in which I did things like create yet another blog and watch 32487346 tutorials for 2387645 online tools I will need for my studies. (Which reminds me. The above is an image I downloaded from one of those tutorials, because it was too bizarre not to, and now I can't even remember the context in which it maybe slightly made some kind of sense???)

I've also learned that it is possible to max out the amount of hours I am physically capable of staring at this screen, that such a threshold is not only theoretical. It's kind of cutting into my recreational online reading, but that's probably for the best. I'll try not to let it cut into my blog time anymore though :)

Work has also been just non stop crazytime, with every student and their mother (literally) descending upon us for textbooks and endless reading lists. It was such a relief to step out into the non-virtual non-book world for a rare Friday Night Out on the Town. Why oh why don't I see live music more, and why don't I go to this lovely intimate venue that's an easy bike ride every freaking night????? (This is really a rhetorical question, in that I am pooooor.) Just listening to some tunes and sipping a cocktail in the courtyard while waiting for natalia to show would have been enough, not to mention the rockstar performance by rupa and the april fishes. It was one of our rare warm summer evenings, so the ride home was maybe even the best part. Oakland just SMELLS so good at night. Yum.

Flashback to last last weekend, when we took a blog field trip to RENO!!!! I spent 10 hours on the greyhound listening to James Herriot (could anything possibly be more soothing to a weary traveler?), crashed Katie's cousin's pre-wedding BBBQ, patronized Donut Bistro, and won $7.20 on my second 40 cent bet! I quit while I was ahead. So long, Nevada.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And it was all yellow...

1. Dear god I had the most boring training today. If it gives you an idea, the sexual harassment seminar was the most educational session.

2. Leaving no doubt to his new favorite color, Joe has pretty much been monologuing thusly all week:

"Yellow yellow yellow yellow. Yellow yellow blue! Yellow yellow yellow!"

At least he's well prepared to answer phone calls from certain of our readers.

Me: Hello!
Joe: Yello!

Also, he made some creative body art tonight that I desperately hope Inder has photographically captured. It was not yellow.

3. There's really nothing more satisfying than writing a scathing book review. Especially when you can slander the author.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Speaking of 100% carless...

We sold our car! For real! Ulp.

With both of us due to become students starting in January (as I have perhaps previously mentioned, neither of us ever make major life decisions for ourself, we just wait to see what Rebecca does and then copy her), we're trying to pinch pennies, and we'd been talking about selling the car for a while. Then the car totally heard us and felt unappreciated and sent us hideous brake failure in retribution. I'll skip the part about how I was on a main road at the time and how our emergency brake doesn't exactly work and how I was talking to my mother on the phone when the brakes stopped responding ("I'M PROBABLY ABOUT TO DIE, MOM, BUT IF NOT I'LL TOTALLY CALL YOU BACK IN 5 MINUTES") and just appreciate the fact that I had already finished the part of my drive that took place on the highway, that I was 2 minutes from home, and that barely any cars were on the road - allowing me to basically roll (through one 4-way stop, heh) at 5 miles per hour down several residential streets and into our driveway. Anyways, it seemed like as good a time as any to put our carfree lifestyle into action. If we can manage to be bus and bike commuters when it's BEEN 100+ DEGREES FOR 22 DAYS IN A ROW AND COUNTING, we can surely make it work forever.

But how will we bring our watermelons home? HOW WILL WE BRING OUR WATERMELONS HOME???

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We interrupt this prolonged period of blog silence... bring you some old photos. Mostly since I don't have a vintage movie reel of cute dancing candy bars that will encourage you to leave the theater or otherwise entertain yourself while nothing happens on the main screen. Here are a few that I pulled off an old computer while I was back home. Takin it back to 2003-2004...

Moms get the computer chairs. Daughters get the basketballs.

Recovering from four wisdom teeth's worth of general anesthetic. Watson looks like he's there to comfort me but actually he's just taking advantage of the extra-padded couch.

The bear coat! This is the giant coat that lives by the front door of my parents' house in the winter. Let all who are cold, enter and put on the bear coat.

A rare shot of me in my a capella days. Hint: I'm the white girl with brown hair.

And lastly but not leastly, an original Richard Lee - as I recall, this was my desktop background for at least a full semester of college. Don't you just wanna hug that thing?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the homefront

1. I was reminded that I hadn't brought my bike into the house when, a few minutes ago, I heard a bright "ding!" from outside the window. Thanks, Joe! Ringing the bell on my bike isn't quite his favorite thing in the world anymore, but it still ranks pretty high up there. He also likes to point at all the parts on the bike and have me name them, much like with his 1001 Trucks book. Peddle! Chaincase! Tire valve!

Speaking of which, did you know this blog went 100% carless for awhile? I assume Katie and Richard are still making extra grocery bike trips for watermelon. (This appears to be their largest car-free concern.) After hearing their story of brake woes, I promptly came back from MA to (less dramatic) tire failure. I eventually got those new tires I'd been putting off, but in the meanwhile I enjoyed the excuse to just rely on Old Blue for a solid couple of weeks.

Pro: I hate driving and have been missing the bike commute I had at my previous jobs. It turns out to be surprisingly doable despite having shifts as early as 8 am and as late as 11:30 pm.
Pro: Also, it's kind of creepy how quickly I got all summery and toned just from a lame short bike ride, especially given that I generally use this as an excuse to come home and eat pizza and cookies for dinner. I probably shouldn't be surprised that replacing ass-sitting in the car for an hour each day with vaguely human movement in the outdoors will have that effect...
Con: It's really quite easy to do the whole transit commute thing... assuming you don't want any space in between work to, you know, live. Good times.
Con: Double bike-->bart commutes on mondays, to work and singing. Well, mostly the one freaking hill up to the singing space. ZOMG THAT IS THE MOST EVIL HILL EVER.

2. With my erratic work schedule, I haven't been able to get to the farmers' markets like I used to. I hear you can buy fruits and veggies at these places called gro-ce-ry stores, but it's not something I ever remember to do. So I've been having serious produce withdrawal. Fortunately, this finally gives me the excuse I've been looking for to sign up for a CSA! Yay! I can't wait for the first delivery, which is obscenely close to home. Speaking of obscenely close to home, I finally found someone with local eggs who'll trade for jam!

(She had to delay the delivery, and ended her email with: "The up side is that the eggs will be only hours old. I hope this isn't a problem.")

3. I officially registered for classes! Woohoo! Confusingly, I didn't get very excited about class shopping. If you knew me in my college days, you'll realize that this is probably a good sign, in that it won't end up being the high point of my semester. Also, it's just the core required classes. I did look up professor reviews and essentially chose the sections with the best ratings smallest workload. For the record, these classes are:

LIBR200: Library and Society (AKA Libraries and You, or "Did you know your chosen field of study is Very Important, thereby justifying all the money you are about to spend?")
LIBR204: Information Organizations and Management (This one cracks me up because they describe it as: "Identifying distinguishing characteristics, culture and relationships of information organizations. Emphasizes theories examining the interaction between human beings and the organizations in which they work." But apparently this is a fancy way of saying we read pop-business books like Who Moved My Cheese.)

OH and I almost forgot the newly required 1 credit course.
LIBR 203: Online Social Networking (I'm pretty sure this is exactly what it sounds like. I also think they pretend it's Beyond Cutting Edge, but actually they use this course to weed out students who don't know how the people got into their computer screen and hence shouldn't actually be enrolled in a distance learning program.)

4. When I went out to take a picture of my eggs for illustration, Joe was giving new meaning to the phrase "all-terrain vehicle."

5. Also, I forgot that I had taken a picture of my buried treasure.

By which I mean Crouton stole an energy bar from me, buried it in the backyard, and dug it up again a week later. And yes, it was still sealed, and yes, I ate it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Forget our golden years, this blog is going back to school

In the literal sense that Katie, Richard and I are all going back for various graduate degrees. Eek. I'll be the first to take the plunge this fall, when I start clown college the MLIS program "at" San Jose State. I've been pretty much ignoring this fact, which I learned today from my orientation video is actually the recommended strategy.

I encourage you to click through to at least see the first slide. "And what you're seeing in front of you is in fact one of the entrance gates to San Jose State University and if you were coming to campus, that's probably one of the gates that you would actually walk through." Then they remind you that you're going to be sitting in front of your computer like a schmuck instead.

Anyway, I'm still stuck on the later slide where the lady with the nice accent tells you to enjoy your summer holiday, relax, and generally live like you were dying. "And I'd also encourage you not to get too worried. These are your last wonderful months of freedom and once you start into the program, you're going to become a very frenzied individual." THAT'S YOUR PEP TALK???