Saturday, January 01, 2011

Holiday bam!

Happy 2011, loyal readers! Let's close out 2010 with some final holiday cheer and then good riddance.

My brother masterminded a Secret Santa exchange this year for all of his disparate friends and acquaintances (see, this is what you missed by not participating), and Richard's Secret Santa somehow knew to get him an electronic puzzle game whose sound effects will haunt my waking and dreaming moments until he stops obsessively playing and/or I make it disappear and then gaslight him until he believes he never received a Secret Santa present.

And a couple of highlights from last night, including new year's biscuits and our perennial NYE companions K&L being meta with a photo of themselves on our loveseat last December 31.

And lastly, a ghost of Christmas past: my brother went home for the holidays and sent me this photo of one of our favorite holiday traditions: the matching hollow fabric Santas that our grandparents gave us one year with clear plastic stomachs so you could see the bounty (I'm pretty sure it was just cheap candy, but I don't actually recall) within. If you grew up in a house like ours, there was only one possible way these Santas were going to end up.

Survival of the fittest, folks. Survival of the fittest.

Now, let's bring on 2011!

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