Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In which Katie guesses wisely

Please enjoy this transcript of a telephone conversation between your favorite bloggers, which took place at approximately 7:30 PST this evening.

R: I have good news and bad news for you!
KT: Bad news first.
R: No, it's the same news! And you only get one guess.
KT: Ummmmmmmmmm
R: It's exactly what I KNEW was going to happen riiiight before my aunt and uncle and you and Richard came to visit the same weekend.
KT: You got a job!
R: I got a job! Guess when I start!
KT: Tomorrow!
R: Tomorrow. Guess where I'm going to work! It's your favorite store in Texas...
KT: Goodwill!
R: No, but it is next to the Goodwill.
KT: Half Price Books!
R: Ding ding ding! You can come to work with me when you visit.
KT: Don't let me buy anything!

That's right folks, I have a job. (A low paying job with a long commute. At least they're opening a new BART station essentially right next to it.) And the people rejoiced.


  1. All of this talk of rampant, indiscriminate traveling leads me to believe that neither one of you is even thinking of coming to the Western Mass convention this year. And I am Chairing it, people. I am the CHAIR. What about meeeeeeeee???? I'm going to go sob inconsolably into my pillow. Real tears.

    As ever,


  2. Hi chairlady - tragically, WMSHC doesn't seem to be in the cards this year... but there MAY be some PVADS in our future. Just sayin. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. xoxo

  3. I will cling to the hope of seeing you at PVADS. Remember, it's not nice to lead a lady on.