Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rebecita & KT - blogging from the same laptop

As Linda pointed out, R&I are indulging in some rampant, indiscriminate traveling right about now. First stop: Bay area! R&R are currently making the most of their mornings by earning a respectable living wage and/or going for a run around the lake; I on the other hand am doing what anyone would do given a few hours to kill on a beautiful sunny day in one of the most spectacular places on earth: blogging in Rebecca's bedroom with the curtains closed.

Vacation highlights so far have included waking Rebecca up with our snoring, scaring 19-month-old Joe (he keeps pushing his dump trucks into Rebecca's bedroom and then slowly backing away with a frozen smile on his face each time he realizes that she's not alone in here), brunch with Greg B., and a long beautiful stroll through Golden Gate Park. Obnoxiousness, terror, food, and aimless walks: pretty much everything a proper vacation should encompass. I have no regrets.

Okay, off to make something of my life! Or at least change out of my pajamas...

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  1. mmm, blogging in my bedroom with the curtains closed on beautiful days. It's what I do best. I used to suffer from... whatever the opposite of SADD is. In which I felt guilty for not taking advantage of the California sun. But... it's a lot of sun! Eventually you get over it and curl up with the warm glow of technology.