Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stu in the Bay

This month I've been fighting off visitors seeking refuge from blizzards in bee-yootiful California! Last Friday I squeezed in a lunch with my aunt and uncle in Berkeley on my break, then went straight from work to pick up Katie and Richard for their first not-eaten-by-a-convention visit to Oakland!

But I'm getting ahead of myself, I should mention that I first roused myself from my cave of unemployment for a visit from my dad back in January, which turned into a whirlwind of bay area cultural delights. I can't completely reconstruct the awesomeness, but I'll try.

There was cinema - ranging from our second annual father-daughter screening of Jeff Bridges drinking heavily to an unscheduled viewing of the last 2/3 of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World on PBS (you try looking away from all that classic car destruction) to a brilliant Cukor film, part of the Noir City fest at the Castro. Not to mention the screening of Awake My Soul at the Swedish American Hall.

There was food, food, and more food. We spent an afternoon just noodling around the mission (actually managed to get on the same bart train as my ex-coworker, who was, yes, going to work. Awkward.) that started with pupusas and ended with house-grown olives (and house-grown goat for my dad!) at Pauline's Wine Bar. We also ate our way through the other sides of the bay, including my favorite spot in Oakland and an amazing Indian-Mexican fusion place in Sausalito.

And let's not forget The Great Outdoors. If forced to choose a highlight from the weekend, I would have to say finally biking over the Golden Gate Bridge! When unhypothetically forced to choose, my dad agreed. Actually, he said he was amazed to feel comfortable biking in San Francisco to get to the bridge, which was the hardest part of the whole thing. We went out of our way to rent a beater for him from the Bike Hut, which I can't recommend highly enough. The awesome dude there even fixed my own bike for me. With a mallet.

Well, dad, thanks for the high times. But I still haven't forgiven you for the dead cat surprise.


  1. the dead cat surprise?????????

  2. The "dead cat surprise" is also what happense when you drive at night in east austin while talking on a cell phone...

  3. I'm think I'm going to leave the dead cat surprise in the eye of the beholder. Whatever you're imagining is probably less gross and more interesting.

    (Fine, fine. Here's the short version. Try to make sure it involves a historic abandoned building and a gullible daughter. "Look!" *dead cat* "Surprise!")