Saturday, March 05, 2011

The musical fruit

So, Inder has a scheme to make 2011 the year of the bean! Fresh shelling beans that is. Obviously, I couldn't be more pleased with this plan. I got so spoiled in Ecuador, where bags of freshly shelled beans were a convenience product in every small food shop. (Having never before even considered the existence of such a food item! But there's no turning back. It's like discovering that pasta exists pre-dried, or that beets exist pre-canned.) And by freshly, I mean sometimes I actually had to wait for the proprietress to finish shelling the latest batch. Fortunately you can also find a few varieties of fresh beans in our local farmer's markets come summer. Black eyes peas are most common, and the cannellinis are my favorite. Can't wait to try whatever comes up in our backyard!

In celebration, I've posted some of my file photos of the gorgeous fields of shelling beans down at Phipp's. My dad and I were there for the u-pick berries, but I never leave without a few too many dried heirloom beans. (OK, so they aren't pre-bagged by Ecuadorian matrons, but they DO sell over 75 varieties.)

Now, off to order seeds for Pickle Patch 2.0!

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  1. What types? Why, "The Lazy Houswife," "Calypso," and "Painted Pony." Which is to say, who know? We shall see. (Lazy Housewife is a basic white bean; calypso is more black-eye-pea, I think, and painted pony is a cranberry-brown-type.)