Thursday, April 07, 2011

Lists PLUS blogreader challenge

So most of the time I find McSweeney's a little too drunk on itself to be a satisfying read, but I did spend an inordinate amount of time this afternoon browsing their entertaining Lists section, which has inspired me to revive one of our favorite regular blogging cop-out features: the list. Here are just three of the many, many possible lists I could have subjected you to but refrained from.

Things Richard Has Given Me For Past Birthdays:

1. A wooden plaque commending my outstanding achievement in the field of excellence.
2. A life-size cardboard cutout of himself.
3. A child's turkey costume, size L (actually intended for him).

Animals I Hate:

1. Our landlord's dog
2. Birds
3. Horses

People I Started Following On Twitter Last Week:

1. My brother
2. Rosie
3. Neil Patrick Harris

Okay, readers, whoever leaves us the best list of their own in the comments section wins a special as-yet-to-be-determined Rebecita and KT prize. Make me laugh. MAKE ME.

1 comment:

  1. Ellen's Why I Love Chicago List:

    1. Early April temps: 38 to 53, then Sunday it will be 81. What happened to spring? Blink and you miss it.
    2. Bernie Stone, alderman for 38 years gets beaten and says "I feel sorry for" his ward constituents.
    3. Music! Jeff Beck, Robert Plant, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Sonny Landreth. And that's just April.
    4. White Sox are in 1st place....after one game :)
    5. Rod Blagojevitch has not been in the news for 3 consecutive days. 4 days ago he was guest speaker at an elementary school.
    6. No earthquakes this month.
    7. New GIANT sculptures in Millenium Park! Female sculptor from Mexico built them so that assembly does not require noisy drills, which would disturb the peacefulness in the park.