Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My life. I mean, what is my life?

Remember those halcyon days when Katie was only shamed into posting by threat of being pushed off the page by my ramblings? Yeah. It's not that I'm just not into you blogging, it's more that I'm working 6 days a week. I'd be more than happy to share the lurid details behind the scenes at HPB, but I'm afraid that when I check the blog stats I might start getting negative (imaginary?) hits. Seriously guys, no one wants to read a montage of me up to my ears (literally) in books, watching training videos, and engaging in our most common form of workplace bonding - frozen dinner comparison. No, really, we talk about our frozen dinners. A lot. If you were wondering, no-noodle lasagna (tagline: "Because sometimes noodles just get in the way!") is exactly as good as it sounds.

Also, the Golden Gate is coming up in omg under 2 weeks! While I'm shockingly unstressed, considering the amount of things I'm supposed to be making happen, my free-time-montage is perhaps only marginally less boring than the workplace one - it's mostly commuting on BART, listening to Joe torture the dogs, and doing lots o mundane convention related tasks (buying office supplies! opening bank accounts! emailing with/about crazy people!) The cherry on the top of this life as Snoozy McEveryman is that I have jury duty tomorrow. (Which in California means I don't have jury duty but that I have to check in 5,000 times before they tell me that.)

In conclusion, the most interesting thing I can think of to tell you is how much I love Ken Jennings!!!! I never even watched him win his gazillion dollars, but I'm completely under the sway of his hi-larious smartypants progressive-but-church-tithing-mormon powers. If you used to run home from school to catch the 3:30 showing of Jeopardy, and your idea of a dream Sweet 16 party was to create your own Family Feud game, you'll love his book too.

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