Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow Reading

Because book list keepers get all the hot chicks.

OK, I may have started the annual book cover widget tradition on this blog, but KT is the one who's been keeping the flame burning. Forget 2010, I never even posted a 2009 report! There was some perfectionist reason I can't remember anymore, but I'm calling it.

(Sadly, blogger seems to hate the goodreads javascript widget code all of a sudden, so you'll have to take my screenshot's word for it.)



  1. I am so grossed out by that picture of Art Garfunkel. Like, I can't even tell you. I need to scrub my insides.


  2. Sweet! That's pretty much exactly the effect I was going for. Does it make you feel better that I was only inspired by Player!Art because I literally had to throw this album into a dumpster the other day?

  3. You are awesome for posting it because it is so icky. If that makes sense.