Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday morning coming down...

... from the Golden Gate singing. So pleased. So tired. But I have a photo tutorial for you!

Book fail.

But - duct tape! Who knew it came in Denson red? (I mean, Denson Red™)

Happy book = happy singer.

I'm off to sing again in Half Moon Bay. I've kind of been living for this moment, when I get to sing and not do any work to make it happen. Can I please only travel to singings from now on?

Oh, one more photo.

Registration supplies. Just the necessities, you know.


  1. How about duct tape for "outstanding achievement in the field of excellence".

  2. Do you actually wear those red shoes? How come I've never seen them?

  3. She bought those gorgeous red shoes for this singing, of course! And they were STELLAR. Too bad we didn't get a photo of our outfits (full length with shoes).

    Denson Red TM! Love it.

  4. Jerk! I have bright blue painters tape on my book! I gotta find me some of that merlot mania!

  5. R you look so cute! Does this mean you have more free time now because I MISS YOUR FACE

    ok bye

    big N