Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh there will be a market in that day...

Judgement Day, pfft. It's Bike to Market Day! Actually, I kind of forgot about it until now, but it's a good excuse to be nostalgic about last year. You remember, when I got extra excited and created a loop to four participating stores. The mission was to seek out new bike paths, free stuff, and discounted groceries. Commence commerorative picspam.

My quest began with the Food Mill, the small Oakland natural foods fixture.

I hadn't biked there before - or since - because it's literally uphill both ways. It wasn't the most auspicious beginning. I conquered the hills but then the store was just totally devoid of pomp or circumstance surrounding the occasion. (Don't let the picture fool you - the festive bike parking is a daily feature.) Also, the cashier's chosen topic of conversation was the biker who was killed in the neighborhood recently. Thanks dude. Oh well, once reminded of the existence of the event, the manager came through with the free giant pack of in-house cookies. Yum. Also, I found malted milk powder!

I had better luck at my next stop, Farmer Joe's. Finally, some pomp.

There were some great guys from EBBC and the neighborhood association tabling outside and doing free bike parking. Plus the swag was by far the best here, I got a whole tote loaded with fruit and sundry. Even the lady hitting me up for change outside was cool, asking about my bike and recommending a rack/pannier for my groceries.

Then there was a brief stop home to unload. Then off to the Alameda Natural Market. I love the ride along the bay, in all its industrial splendor, and over the drawbridge.

(And last year I was still in blissful ignorance of the dead cat surprise.)

ANM wins for best signage!!

Last but... actually, yes. Least. I hit up Whole Foods, which offered no discount, just a measly free container of trail mix. With raisins. And the ride was hella windy. But at least I finally remembered to stop off at the Oakland Museum on the way and take a picture of their awesome installation of planters.

And thus ended a grocery-ful day. Always a good day in my book. And I had friendly chats with fellow bikers and bike-adjacent people. But did Market day inspire me to "make it a habit to bike to my most routine destinations?" In a word, no. I was one of the few who showed up because I already wanted to do that. The event just didn't have much presence - I don't think the casual shopper even noticed anything was going on, except maybe at Farmer Joe's. I got the feeling it took a backseat to the 2834786 other events scheduled for bike week/month. That's ok, but why settle when you can't spit in this town without hitting someone passionate about bike and food culture? Get those people with the crazy bike blender out front! And why was the panhandling lady the only one who offered me helpful advice about carrying my groceries??? How about some more targeted outreach, demoing racks/panniers/bike baskets or something. Maybe if I ever get around to getting involved with the EBBC I can help rev things up a little. Today, well, I'm just going to go pick up some free cookies.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Synchronicity. And apes.

So YET AGAIN I seem to have posted within 24 hours of Rebecca. Out of consideration to the noble book widget, I've pre-dated my new post - you'll have to scroll past Mr. Garfunkel to find it. This is just a placeholder. But because no good reader should go unrewarded, I will use this placeholder to share with you a recent R quote, since I know those are your most favorite.

"Every time I see a giant crate, I imagine there's an angry ape inside of it."

I'm pretty sure he was just saying that to make me laugh. But the scary part is I'm not entirely certain.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow Reading

Because book list keepers get all the hot chicks.

OK, I may have started the annual book cover widget tradition on this blog, but KT is the one who's been keeping the flame burning. Forget 2010, I never even posted a 2009 report! There was some perfectionist reason I can't remember anymore, but I'm calling it.

(Sadly, blogger seems to hate the goodreads javascript widget code all of a sudden, so you'll have to take my screenshot's word for it.)


Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I have done this month: May 2011 edition

1) Registered for my first math class since 2000. This should be... fun.

2) Watched a performance by a Hungarian-Canadian cabaret singer costumed in a bra, shorts, high-heeled pumps, a kitchen apron, and a boxing helmet. Inexplicably, it was not actually awesome.

3) Bought my plane tickets to MA. July 1-20, people!

4) Admired the continued astounding cuteness of the nephs and their sister (new neph):

5) Discovered the complete 1.5 seasons of The Critic on DVD at the library. Turns out that the five scenes I've been quoting for the past 15 years were in fact the only parts of that show worth remembering. But who can resist all those charming circa-1995 hand-drawn characters and excessive Jurassic Park references?

6) Consumed my weight in tortilla chips and mixed drinks. I have no regrets.

7) Been obsessed with the Andrej Pejic Dossier cover:

8) In the grand tradition of those who came before me, attempted to make yogurt and ended up with a spectacular jar full of sweet, lumpy, watery milk.

9) Agreed to go see Bridesmaids with R, where we waited in line behind two dyed-blondes drinking bright pink cocktails in fluted glasses. You can't make this stuff up.

10) Counted up all my currently-checked-out unread library books (14).

In sum: school, music, travel, nephs, nostalgia, junk food, androgyny, cooking, chick flicks, reading. Rinse and repeat. I kind of love my life.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Dan's birthday!

In honor of the anniversary of my little brother's birth, and because I was surely neither the first person nor the last to wish him a happy Mother's Day today (ha ha get it? cuz it's Mother's Day! I'm so clever), I would like to make amends by posting adorable pictures of him on the internet. Let's start with two of my most favorite. They were taken in the same era, but in two completely different places, and clearly on two completely different days (as evidenced by the otherwise identical different-colored shorts). I can only assume (and my vague memories support this theory) that he spent the entirety of 1989 wearing that yellow shirt with boats on it and one falling-down sock.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some Katie And Dan Through The Years highlights. From the top: me doing what I used to do best (squashing Dan's face), best outfit ever (no not me, although the purple sweatpants are hot stuff; I was actually referring to the tool belt, hard hat, and inexplicable single padded mitten), Halloween (please thank my mom for my amazing homemade Olive Oyl costume), my college graduation.

And finally, because it is in fact Mother's Day, let's have a little appreciation for the people who made this adorable specimen. Good job, family.