Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Dan's birthday!

In honor of the anniversary of my little brother's birth, and because I was surely neither the first person nor the last to wish him a happy Mother's Day today (ha ha get it? cuz it's Mother's Day! I'm so clever), I would like to make amends by posting adorable pictures of him on the internet. Let's start with two of my most favorite. They were taken in the same era, but in two completely different places, and clearly on two completely different days (as evidenced by the otherwise identical different-colored shorts). I can only assume (and my vague memories support this theory) that he spent the entirety of 1989 wearing that yellow shirt with boats on it and one falling-down sock.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, some Katie And Dan Through The Years highlights. From the top: me doing what I used to do best (squashing Dan's face), best outfit ever (no not me, although the purple sweatpants are hot stuff; I was actually referring to the tool belt, hard hat, and inexplicable single padded mitten), Halloween (please thank my mom for my amazing homemade Olive Oyl costume), my college graduation.

And finally, because it is in fact Mother's Day, let's have a little appreciation for the people who made this adorable specimen. Good job, family.


  1. Little kt and little dan! It hurts, it hurts! (Um, literally. Is all the hugging a reprisal for the face squeezing?)

  2. So preciously Mahoneyish - I love these!

  3. In the Olive Oil picture, is Dan wearing some sort of Daniel Boone outfit? I seem to spy some fringe action and it's possible that I'm seeing faux buckskin. But it's hard to tell.

  4. Close... but it was Davy Crockett, actually. Nothing screams Crockett like a circa-1970s leather jacket fished out of your mom's closet.