Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Synchronicity. And apes.

So YET AGAIN I seem to have posted within 24 hours of Rebecca. Out of consideration to the noble book widget, I've pre-dated my new post - you'll have to scroll past Mr. Garfunkel to find it. This is just a placeholder. But because no good reader should go unrewarded, I will use this placeholder to share with you a recent R quote, since I know those are your most favorite.

"Every time I see a giant crate, I imagine there's an angry ape inside of it."

I'm pretty sure he was just saying that to make me laugh. But the scary part is I'm not entirely certain.


  1. OK, our synchronicity is much creepier now that I post like once a month. And we even liked the same book!

  2. How often does one see giant crates, really?


  3. Not very often, it's true. But I think the value of the statement really lies more in the quality of the concept than the quantity of times it's put to use...

  4. Oh dear. Communication failure. How sad. My question was meant to highlite the awesomeness of the statement rather than challenge it, but it so failed. Damn you, written word.


  5. Ha, that'll teach you to be a commentypants! xo