Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I have done this month: May 2011 edition

1) Registered for my first math class since 2000. This should be... fun.

2) Watched a performance by a Hungarian-Canadian cabaret singer costumed in a bra, shorts, high-heeled pumps, a kitchen apron, and a boxing helmet. Inexplicably, it was not actually awesome.

3) Bought my plane tickets to MA. July 1-20, people!

4) Admired the continued astounding cuteness of the nephs and their sister (new neph):

5) Discovered the complete 1.5 seasons of The Critic on DVD at the library. Turns out that the five scenes I've been quoting for the past 15 years were in fact the only parts of that show worth remembering. But who can resist all those charming circa-1995 hand-drawn characters and excessive Jurassic Park references?

6) Consumed my weight in tortilla chips and mixed drinks. I have no regrets.

7) Been obsessed with the Andrej Pejic Dossier cover:

8) In the grand tradition of those who came before me, attempted to make yogurt and ended up with a spectacular jar full of sweet, lumpy, watery milk.

9) Agreed to go see Bridesmaids with R, where we waited in line behind two dyed-blondes drinking bright pink cocktails in fluted glasses. You can't make this stuff up.

10) Counted up all my currently-checked-out unread library books (14).

In sum: school, music, travel, nephs, nostalgia, junk food, androgyny, cooking, chick flicks, reading. Rinse and repeat. I kind of love my life.


  1. Buy my book, buy my book, buy my book...

  2. It will come as no surprise that I especially approve of item #3. Even as I type this, I'm copying it down word for word in my notebook and surrounding it with little hearts and flowers. Cuz that's the kind of creepy blog stalker I am. The shameless multitasking kind.



    (aka Ms. Commenty McCommenton Commentorous)

  3. Massachusetts is so close to Connecticut! We are already rejoicing!