Sunday, June 12, 2011

But no one will ever see my poem

Hi guys! Thank god Katie's been in a stats-induced procrastination phase or this blog would be even more echo-y lately.

I just read a book about Writers, which never ever fails in making me yearn to be a Writer. This one happened to about angsty teen (ziiiiiiiiine!) writers, so I felt completely justified in writing my very own angsty teen poem, and even more justified in snickering at it. Then I remembered that I have a blog where I can blog instead of trying to Write, so here I am.

If you didn't know, I have this kind of ongoing existential crisis wherein I wish I could write pretty words instead of just read them, but I just ain't a born writer. Writers are always talking about having a compulsion to write from a hyperbolically young age, and writing lots of crap for years before they ever wrote anything worthwhile. That really really really does not describe me. I am a born reader and a born singer, but I've never kept a journal and never written anything creatively that wasn't assigned. I really wish I could blame my fourth grade teacher who gave me a D or something ridiculous on a totally awesome time travel story I wrote, but it didn't actually crush my creative spirit or anything. Anyway. Do you think there's a way to become a born-again writer? That doesn't involve, you know, putting in a lot of work?

In other media news, after being sick a zillion times this spring, I finally ponied up for a netflix account so I could stare at the teevee while hacking. Mostly so I could watch BSG, which I inhaled until it completely lost me at the beginning of season 3. (Did it jump the shark, or should I not lose faith?) Also Katie and I have a mini gay film festival going (I don't think film festival means what we think it does.) As she alluded to, this blog heartily endorses Plan B. Go forth and watch, and you too can join in with our highly cultural discussion obsessive googling of unknown Argentine actors!


  1. Wait, Goodreads informs me that the ziiiiiine book you're reading is Hard Love???? Ha, so good. That's probably my favorite of hers... I'm pretty attached to Heart on my Sleeve, but mainly because it's kind of an exact copy of Kate's life circa late 90s/early 00s, which was basically an exact copy of my own....

  2. This post cracks me up in the light of day.

  3. Since I must opine on everything--I think BSG is worth seeing through to the end. But take a nice long break. If you watch a season or two over the course of a weekend, it can be a bit much. I know from whence I speak.