Wednesday, June 29, 2011

eating nonfood keeps them mean / but they're young forever

Drag prom! This photo is marginally more awesome than the one I put on Facebook only because you can see J's sheets in it, which match my Richard's tie to perfection (as well as Carly's beautiful handwoven cuff, which you can't actually see in this picture but just imagine it). I feel like it's all very Berlin-brothel-fabulous.

It's clearly time to blog because a) I finished my last stats exam this morning! and b) apparently Rebecca just posted. And we are nothing if not creepily prone to deciding to blog during the same 24-hour window after weeks of not saying anything.

So it turns out that procrastinating on your homework is actually as poor an idea as it was the last time I was in school. Haven't they managed to invent a way to make that not a bad idea yet? I spent the past five days doing pretty much nothing in my spare time except catching up on homework and studying for three tests. When I fell asleep I saw P-values and critical intervals floating before my eyes. (No for real. I did. It was sort of charming and awful at the same time.) And then it all paid off when I took my last exam this morning and remembered the amazing amazing feeling of being a student who's DONE WITH CLASS... it's almost sweet enough to make me decide that applying to grad school isn't a terrible idea. It's a better idea than blogging instead of doing homework, I'll give it that, but I still have my doubts.

Anyways, yeah. Being a student again. That was weird. Although I did slip back into the role disturbingly easily... all my old staying-up-late skills came back with a vengeance, and I remembered how to draw boxes around my homework answers like a pro. I even passed a note to a friend today. Like, an actual note on a piece of notebook paper! 8th grade Katie would have folded it into one of those awesome triangles where you tuck the ends into themselves, but whatever, I had to draw the line somewhere.

So yeah, one more day of work, one happy hour date, some final packing, and in 31 hours I'm Massachusetts-bound! Woo! I'll leave you all with a highly seasonally inappropriate picture of my destination. Good night!

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  1. Yeah, I thought my days of pulling all-nighters were over because I had grown up. Turns out, it was because I graduated. They're back now (but blessedly rare).