Sunday, June 12, 2011


Don't worry, I just have more homework to do. Or not do, clearly.

I'm on the chapter about ethics in scientific experiments, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to examine some ethical quandaries in my own life...

ETHICAL QUANDARY 1: My friend's theater collective is hosting a drag prom fundraiser later this month. I plan on going with some friends, and I also told two of my interns about it. Neither of them is quite of legal drinking age yet. Bearing in mind that this is a) a DRAG PROM, people, and b) organized by bunch of drama queens, I am working under the assumption that if said interns attend, they will have no difficulty procuring alcohol. If that's the case... am I responsible for making sure they have a way to get home safely? I mean, they're 20, it's not like they're 13 - but I did invite them. Please design a scatterplot illustrating the relationship between the interns' level of intoxication and my responsibility for them, and determine a formula for the least-squares regression line that will predict at what point I will be obligated to take their keys away and find them a designated driver. [Editor's note: I'm not quite actually nerdy awesome enough to create a fake scatterplot based on this blog post, so I just cut and pasted one I'd already created for my homework. But isn't it purty?]

ETHICAL QUANDARY 2: Is it morally reprehensible for me to be obsessed with Andrej Pejic even though he's only 19? But I mean seriously, can you blame me?

2a: On a related note, I recently rewatched But I'm a Cheerleader and realized to my horror that I'm almost definitely too old to find teenage Clea Duvall hot anymore. OH THE HUMANITY.

2b: The other day in class I was chatting with my new friendship (whenever we have to do partner work our teacher always tells us to "Make a friendship! Talk to your friendship! Figure out what the answer is!") who's probably in his early 20s, and I made a joking reference to doing such-and-such "now that I'm old," to which he made one of those feeble polite social protests, like "No no, you're not..." Wait what??? Wasn't that supposed to be a joke??? As it turns out, I'm now so old that people in their early 20s feel the need to reassure me that I'm not so old. Nice. It actually gives me a new feeling of power and authority. DEFER TO MY WISDOM, WORLD.

ETHICAL QUANDARY 3: When R goes backpacking in Colorado later this month, is it acceptable for me to do all the things he usually tells me not to do, like eat in the bedroom and turn the air conditioning down two degrees? (Please send all responses to me privately. I suspect he's monitoring this blog.)


  1. Please always post your thoughts in the form of ethical quandries.

  2. I am truly disgusted... it takes 2 minutes to open up excel and create a custom scatter plot illustrating your point. I mean, even if you didn't want to take the 30 seconds to fill in the numbers, couldn't you have at least taken the 30 seconds to change the axes labels to what you were actually describing?

    Do I have to do everything in this family?

  3. I feel bad about myself because I am NOT obsessed with Andrej Pejic, so... yeah, morally reprehensible. Shame on you.

    How old are you anyway? Like, 28?



  4. 29, thank you very much. Old enough to be his mother if I'd had unprotected sex in 5th grade. Lucky for me, my main Pejic co-obsessor is even older than me, so we get to comfort eachother in our reprehensibility.