Wednesday, June 29, 2011

visitors, and blogging by proxy

Wow, I suck as a blogger. Let's let a couple other folks pick up the slack, hmm? Fortunately, this has been a good month for visitors! First up was our only blog sibling, Mr. Dan Mahoney! He braved Ayn Rand, socializing with strangers, evil United computers, and brunch with meeeee! I got to eat pancakes with three ex Brown fencers and talk about people getting married and having babies, like we're some kind of grown ups or something. Then I sent them on their way to pick up ninja turtle cake toppers*. This is a wedding I can get behind. For full coverage, I highly recommend you see here. SPOILER ALERT: I give Dan the best. book. ever.

Next was my daaaaaaad! We had amazingfuntimes as usual, mostly involving OMGsomuchgoodfood. I kind of don't remember how to feed myself after he comes to town. Also, we went cherry picking! Here's Stu with a full cherry belly.

Cue my alter ego. I'll let her ramble about cherries and quote excessively from a children's classic.

* Overheard in Bookstore
Little Kid pointing at DVD: Are they bad guys?
Mom our age-ish: No, honey, those are the Ninja Turtles.
Kid: So, they're the good guys?

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