Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the homefront

1. I was reminded that I hadn't brought my bike into the house when, a few minutes ago, I heard a bright "ding!" from outside the window. Thanks, Joe! Ringing the bell on my bike isn't quite his favorite thing in the world anymore, but it still ranks pretty high up there. He also likes to point at all the parts on the bike and have me name them, much like with his 1001 Trucks book. Peddle! Chaincase! Tire valve!

Speaking of which, did you know this blog went 100% carless for awhile? I assume Katie and Richard are still making extra grocery bike trips for watermelon. (This appears to be their largest car-free concern.) After hearing their story of brake woes, I promptly came back from MA to (less dramatic) tire failure. I eventually got those new tires I'd been putting off, but in the meanwhile I enjoyed the excuse to just rely on Old Blue for a solid couple of weeks.

Pro: I hate driving and have been missing the bike commute I had at my previous jobs. It turns out to be surprisingly doable despite having shifts as early as 8 am and as late as 11:30 pm.
Pro: Also, it's kind of creepy how quickly I got all summery and toned just from a lame short bike ride, especially given that I generally use this as an excuse to come home and eat pizza and cookies for dinner. I probably shouldn't be surprised that replacing ass-sitting in the car for an hour each day with vaguely human movement in the outdoors will have that effect...
Con: It's really quite easy to do the whole transit commute thing... assuming you don't want any space in between work to, you know, live. Good times.
Con: Double bike-->bart commutes on mondays, to work and singing. Well, mostly the one freaking hill up to the singing space. ZOMG THAT IS THE MOST EVIL HILL EVER.

2. With my erratic work schedule, I haven't been able to get to the farmers' markets like I used to. I hear you can buy fruits and veggies at these places called gro-ce-ry stores, but it's not something I ever remember to do. So I've been having serious produce withdrawal. Fortunately, this finally gives me the excuse I've been looking for to sign up for a CSA! Yay! I can't wait for the first delivery, which is obscenely close to home. Speaking of obscenely close to home, I finally found someone with local eggs who'll trade for jam!

(She had to delay the delivery, and ended her email with: "The up side is that the eggs will be only hours old. I hope this isn't a problem.")

3. I officially registered for classes! Woohoo! Confusingly, I didn't get very excited about class shopping. If you knew me in my college days, you'll realize that this is probably a good sign, in that it won't end up being the high point of my semester. Also, it's just the core required classes. I did look up professor reviews and essentially chose the sections with the best ratings smallest workload. For the record, these classes are:

LIBR200: Library and Society (AKA Libraries and You, or "Did you know your chosen field of study is Very Important, thereby justifying all the money you are about to spend?")
LIBR204: Information Organizations and Management (This one cracks me up because they describe it as: "Identifying distinguishing characteristics, culture and relationships of information organizations. Emphasizes theories examining the interaction between human beings and the organizations in which they work." But apparently this is a fancy way of saying we read pop-business books like Who Moved My Cheese.)

OH and I almost forgot the newly required 1 credit course.
LIBR 203: Online Social Networking (I'm pretty sure this is exactly what it sounds like. I also think they pretend it's Beyond Cutting Edge, but actually they use this course to weed out students who don't know how the people got into their computer screen and hence shouldn't actually be enrolled in a distance learning program.)

4. When I went out to take a picture of my eggs for illustration, Joe was giving new meaning to the phrase "all-terrain vehicle."

5. Also, I forgot that I had taken a picture of my buried treasure.

By which I mean Crouton stole an energy bar from me, buried it in the backyard, and dug it up again a week later. And yes, it was still sealed, and yes, I ate it.


  1. Like your found Wheat Thins. Except those had already been opened. Sicko.

  2. All terrain vehicle!!!

    You ATE it? Ew.

  3. It was still sealed guys! Sealed! (OK, not the Wheat Thins.)

  4. I'm happy to know you got your tires, and also that you went 2 whole weeks without using your car. What an inspiration!

    I would probably also have eaten the still-sealed granola bar, but I don't think I would have admitted it online.

  5. Man, you really hate to waste food.