Sunday, July 03, 2011

Still blogging by proxy, with more visitors!

Well, as usual I'm too overstimulated by my western mass adventures to blog about them properly. Ok, full disclosure, I slept in and barely left the house today. But there's a lot going on here! For more on this, let's check in with Dan, who continues to do a better job of blogging about our lives than we do, despite being on the other side of the country.

Also, we squeezed in a visit from Ruth, Lauren and their Little Kicker! We love love love them, but we hate the pictures of all of us, and we lack Richard's mom's photoshopping skills, so here's the two most photogenic members.

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  1. Is there a naming contest for the baby yet? Because I nominate "Dan" if it's a boy, or "Katie" if it's a girl (doesn't every family aim to recreate the Mahoneys?).