Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy cat dreams to you too...

Oh man, online school is awesome. I may have no study skills whatsoever, but at least I actually get MORE work done when I'm bleary and don't want to get out of bed until noon. This morning I finished all the work for my one credit "social networking" class, in which I did things like create yet another blog and watch 32487346 tutorials for 2387645 online tools I will need for my studies. (Which reminds me. The above is an image I downloaded from one of those tutorials, because it was too bizarre not to, and now I can't even remember the context in which it maybe slightly made some kind of sense???)

I've also learned that it is possible to max out the amount of hours I am physically capable of staring at this screen, that such a threshold is not only theoretical. It's kind of cutting into my recreational online reading, but that's probably for the best. I'll try not to let it cut into my blog time anymore though :)

Work has also been just non stop crazytime, with every student and their mother (literally) descending upon us for textbooks and endless reading lists. It was such a relief to step out into the non-virtual non-book world for a rare Friday Night Out on the Town. Why oh why don't I see live music more, and why don't I go to this lovely intimate venue that's an easy bike ride every freaking night????? (This is really a rhetorical question, in that I am pooooor.) Just listening to some tunes and sipping a cocktail in the courtyard while waiting for natalia to show would have been enough, not to mention the rockstar performance by rupa and the april fishes. It was one of our rare warm summer evenings, so the ride home was maybe even the best part. Oakland just SMELLS so good at night. Yum.

Flashback to last last weekend, when we took a blog field trip to RENO!!!! I spent 10 hours on the greyhound listening to James Herriot (could anything possibly be more soothing to a weary traveler?), crashed Katie's cousin's pre-wedding BBBQ, patronized Donut Bistro, and won $7.20 on my second 40 cent bet! I quit while I was ahead. So long, Nevada.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

And it was all yellow...

1. Dear god I had the most boring training today. If it gives you an idea, the sexual harassment seminar was the most educational session.

2. Leaving no doubt to his new favorite color, Joe has pretty much been monologuing thusly all week:

"Yellow yellow yellow yellow. Yellow yellow blue! Yellow yellow yellow!"

At least he's well prepared to answer phone calls from certain of our readers.

Me: Hello!
Joe: Yello!

Also, he made some creative body art tonight that I desperately hope Inder has photographically captured. It was not yellow.

3. There's really nothing more satisfying than writing a scathing book review. Especially when you can slander the author.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Speaking of 100% carless...

We sold our car! For real! Ulp.

With both of us due to become students starting in January (as I have perhaps previously mentioned, neither of us ever make major life decisions for ourself, we just wait to see what Rebecca does and then copy her), we're trying to pinch pennies, and we'd been talking about selling the car for a while. Then the car totally heard us and felt unappreciated and sent us hideous brake failure in retribution. I'll skip the part about how I was on a main road at the time and how our emergency brake doesn't exactly work and how I was talking to my mother on the phone when the brakes stopped responding ("I'M PROBABLY ABOUT TO DIE, MOM, BUT IF NOT I'LL TOTALLY CALL YOU BACK IN 5 MINUTES") and just appreciate the fact that I had already finished the part of my drive that took place on the highway, that I was 2 minutes from home, and that barely any cars were on the road - allowing me to basically roll (through one 4-way stop, heh) at 5 miles per hour down several residential streets and into our driveway. Anyways, it seemed like as good a time as any to put our carfree lifestyle into action. If we can manage to be bus and bike commuters when it's BEEN 100+ DEGREES FOR 22 DAYS IN A ROW AND COUNTING, we can surely make it work forever.

But how will we bring our watermelons home? HOW WILL WE BRING OUR WATERMELONS HOME???

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We interrupt this prolonged period of blog silence... bring you some old photos. Mostly since I don't have a vintage movie reel of cute dancing candy bars that will encourage you to leave the theater or otherwise entertain yourself while nothing happens on the main screen. Here are a few that I pulled off an old computer while I was back home. Takin it back to 2003-2004...

Moms get the computer chairs. Daughters get the basketballs.

Recovering from four wisdom teeth's worth of general anesthetic. Watson looks like he's there to comfort me but actually he's just taking advantage of the extra-padded couch.

The bear coat! This is the giant coat that lives by the front door of my parents' house in the winter. Let all who are cold, enter and put on the bear coat.

A rare shot of me in my a capella days. Hint: I'm the white girl with brown hair.

And lastly but not leastly, an original Richard Lee - as I recall, this was my desktop background for at least a full semester of college. Don't you just wanna hug that thing?