Thursday, August 11, 2011

And it was all yellow...

1. Dear god I had the most boring training today. If it gives you an idea, the sexual harassment seminar was the most educational session.

2. Leaving no doubt to his new favorite color, Joe has pretty much been monologuing thusly all week:

"Yellow yellow yellow yellow. Yellow yellow blue! Yellow yellow yellow!"

At least he's well prepared to answer phone calls from certain of our readers.

Me: Hello!
Joe: Yello!

Also, he made some creative body art tonight that I desperately hope Inder has photographically captured. It was not yellow.

3. There's really nothing more satisfying than writing a scathing book review. Especially when you can slander the author.


  1. Let this be a lesson that I should never, ever ever pass up the opportunity to click a link in one of your blog posts. Not just a scathing book review, but a scathing book review of a Star Trek novel! So unexpected. To me. And I'm sort of already ignoring the lesson because I am not, am not, AM NOT going to click the link that would allow me to read the excerpt of the lesbian sex scene. I am NOT. No matter how many hilarious comments you and KT write about it. All hair-pulling aside, Is there any word less sexy than aphrodisiacal?

    I am clearly going hurricane stir crazy and am going to shut up now.

  2. Ha ha ha. Best back comment ever. Hurricane Irene is paying me such unexpected dividends! Good girl, you've learned your lesson, and now that I've lured you into clicking on links I'm going to post only ads from here on out.