Monday, August 08, 2011

Speaking of 100% carless...

We sold our car! For real! Ulp.

With both of us due to become students starting in January (as I have perhaps previously mentioned, neither of us ever make major life decisions for ourself, we just wait to see what Rebecca does and then copy her), we're trying to pinch pennies, and we'd been talking about selling the car for a while. Then the car totally heard us and felt unappreciated and sent us hideous brake failure in retribution. I'll skip the part about how I was on a main road at the time and how our emergency brake doesn't exactly work and how I was talking to my mother on the phone when the brakes stopped responding ("I'M PROBABLY ABOUT TO DIE, MOM, BUT IF NOT I'LL TOTALLY CALL YOU BACK IN 5 MINUTES") and just appreciate the fact that I had already finished the part of my drive that took place on the highway, that I was 2 minutes from home, and that barely any cars were on the road - allowing me to basically roll (through one 4-way stop, heh) at 5 miles per hour down several residential streets and into our driveway. Anyways, it seemed like as good a time as any to put our carfree lifestyle into action. If we can manage to be bus and bike commuters when it's BEEN 100+ DEGREES FOR 22 DAYS IN A ROW AND COUNTING, we can surely make it work forever.

But how will we bring our watermelons home? HOW WILL WE BRING OUR WATERMELONS HOME???


  1. Ooh, taking the plunge! Hopefully I'll be enjoying the carfree Austin life with you come October...


    Love, Dad

  3. I have added the item "Meet with grocery store manager about incorporating watermelon shipping station into check-out line" to my to-do list.

  4. My brakes once failed, leaving me to roll, at 5 mph, into a bus.

    Re: watermelons - car2go?

  5. While I suspect that there may indeed be some expensive expensive Smart Cars in our future, I'm not sure the cost benefit analysis really works in my favor in this case... though it would undoubtedly be cheaper than mailing the melons home. Hmm...